Rolling Stock

Siemens Mobility is committed to building and delivering safe, reliable, and efficient rail vehicles in the United States. As a global leader, we combine all necessary expertise to provide sustainable rolling stock solutions in all areas of rail transportation. Our rolling stock portfolio covers a full range of vehicles  including light rail vehicles, locomotives, trainsets and high-speed rail. 


Rolling Stock Manufacturing for North America

Our Sacramento, California manufacturing facility serves as the North American Rail Manufacturing  Headquarters for Rolling Stock. The rail plant boasts full manufacturing capabilities, including design, engineering, testing, carshell, bogies, subassembly and final assembly. With all aspects of the manufacturing process taking place at one facility, we offer customers unparalleled access and optimum project management and quality, from start to finish in California.


We have been manufacturing in Sacramento for more than 40 years. The plant is an example of environmentally friendly manufacturing, as it utilizes solar energy to power up to 80% of the facility.


Since opening our doors for business in the Sacramento community, our manufacturing portfolio has expanded from building light rail vehicles to manufacturing advanced technology passenger rail locomotives, trainsets and streetcars for more than 35 transit agencies in the U.S. and Canada. Over 3,000 total vehicles  have been manufactured at our Sacramento rail plant.


Currently, more than 2,500 people are employed at the 710,000-square-foot facility, on 64 acres of land in Sacramento. As  our operations in Sacramento continue to grow, we have the flexibility to produce a wider array of products in response to North America’s rail transformation.