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Made to move

Success on rails has always depended on the right components. Siemens Mobility has now bundled its reliable, innovative, efficient, and propulsion-related component portfolio under the MoComp family name – from pantographs and traction converters to brake systems and bogies. The technology is tailor-made for any application, and developed by a vehicle manufacturer for vehicle manufacturers. Better rail vehicles with MoComp components – made to move.

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Brake systems

Siemens brakes: developed by an expert vehicle manufacture, perfectly integrated in your vehicle, bogie, and drive architecture.

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Our first choice for all types of high-performance rail vehicle: light, energy-saving, and comfortable.

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Auxiliary converters

Small, light, powerful, and with an optimized power density: modular and service-friendly design for optimal availability.

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Traction converters

The highly-developed, modular platform solution for all rail systems: efficient and reliable with state-of-the-art power electronics.

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Gear units

Innovation and experience, 100-percent load-tested quality, more than 140,000 rail gear units delivered: optimal performance for your rail vehicle.

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Traction motors

Move better with our motors: distinctly reliable, durable, and energy-efficient.

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The basis for reliable and efficient operation: high-quality contact between pantograph and contact line.

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MoComp – railway components

We keep things moving – for 140 years

Take advantage of our 140 years of experience in developing and manufacturing superior railway components. MoComp is your partner for optimized pantographs, traction converters, motors and gear units, brake systems, and bogie technology for all types of rail vehicle.
MoComp – News

Current news about our MoComp portfolio

Perfection taken to the extreme

Bogies are the components of a rail vehicle that are subject to the highest loads and forces. In an interview, Dr. Stefan Erlach talks about MoComp bogies and the Graz location, and about the bogies’ effect, for example, on the vehicle’s safety and riding comfort as well as its noise levels.

Being a pioneer

MoComp is more than just a name for outstanding rail components. It’s a commitment to being a pioneer. We put our components to the test in digital simulations, in the freezing cold, and in extreme heat. For us, that’s what being a pioneer is all about: always using the latest technologies to design, build, and test our components – and to revolutionize them so they optimally meet your requirements.

Railway gear units now under the Siemens brand as part of MoComp portfolio

What has long been part of Siemens now bears the Siemens brand. Rail transmissions from Siemens Traction Gears Penig GmbH, a 100-percent subsidiary of Siemens Mobility GmbH, were still sold under the Flender brand after the power transmission specialist was acquired by Siemens AG in 2005. With the sale of Flender to Carlyle, use of the Flender product brand ceased. Our rail transmissions now appear under the Siemens brand. Read more about our Penig location and Siemens rail transmissions from the MoComp portfolio.

Auxiliary converters – state of the art

On-board comfort and information are becoming increasingly important for your passengers, as are air conditioning and ventilation. This underlines the growing importance of the power supply for on-board electrical consumers. Our innovative auxiliary converters with SiC (Silicon Carbid) technology are the critical link between these consumptions and the vehicle power supply: small, lightweight, and extremely efficient.

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