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With over 60 years of experience in the development, production, and service of rail transmissions for all vehicle types as well as more than 140,000 gearboxes delivered to date, we provide our customers and partners with reliable, expert, and flexible support. With our focus on maximum customer benefit, we prioritize innovation and individual product development including type testing and customer-specific approvals. Our high standards when it comes to quality, safety, and delivery reliability are reflected in the 100 percent load testing in series production and compliance with established standards (including ISO 9001, TS 22163, DB AG Q1). Maintenance and repairs for rail transmissions round out our range of services.

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The gearbox components

Detailed design for maximum reliability

The reliability of our gearboxes is based on their specific design in accordance with the operating conditions as well as the coordinated components (couplings, torque arms).

• Special toothing profiles of the spur and bevel gears

• Hardened and Ground

• Wear-free and fatigue-resistant design


• 3D design incl. FEM design, calculations and optimization

• Weight and noise optimized

• Simulation programs for the optimization of the casting process

• Material: spheroidal graphite iron and aluminium


• Only multiple labyrinths

• Non-contact sealing, if required also against sand when used in desert environments


• Rolling bearings for railway applications with optimized cage design


• Complete gear unit from a single source through close cooperation with proven suppliers

Our gearbox types – suitable for all vehicle types

Individual solutions for individual requirements

In close collaboration with our customers, we develop a solution tailored to their specific requirements. Our product portfolio includes helical and bevel gear units in single-stage or multi-stage versions as well as special solutions. Our worldwide references include all types of bogies and vehicles.
Customized gearboxes

Power – optimally transformed onto the rail

The power of a railway vehicle depends on the quality of the drive train. Our transmission solutions have proven themselves for decades on international markets.

Technical expertise and innovative solutions

By means of modelling and simulation, the gearboxes are weight- and noise-optimized. The use of innovative and proven approaches as well as the use of durable components reduces maintenance costs to a minimum and ensures the high reliability of our rail transmissions. All drive components are designed for the entire service life of the vehicles – with the exception of wearing parts.

A reliable partner for our customers

Our mission is to ensure high delivery reliability and to interact quickly with our customers based on certified processes and quality standards. Our partnership with our customers also includes a comprehensive range of services (maintenance, repair, and spare parts) after delivery of the gearboxes.

Close the customer – our global positioning makes it possible to localize production. Service workshops among others in Germany, the USA, Great Britain, and Russia ensure that we can provide service close to the customer.


Customer service for optimal operation of your fleet

Our Customer Service helps you to maintain optimal operation. This includes preventive maintenance of individual components as well as minimal lead times and maximum planning reliability thanks to expert spare parts management, re-engineering, and retrofit measures to increase performance. We consistently offer all this to you. When it comes to servicing the gearboxes for your entire fleet, we are the right partner.

Lead repair center for rail transmissions

Our partnership with customers includes a comprehensive range of services (maintenance, repair, and spare parts) after delivery of the gearboxes. You can benefit from our expertise even during fleet operation.


Synergies with new business:

  • Technical expertise and joint engineering
  • Joint management systems and certifications (for example IRIS certification of the railway industry)
  • Closed quality loop from engineering to customer service
  • Fast return flow of field data to engineering

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