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With a top speed of 125 mph each, Siemens Mobility ACS-64 and Charger locomotives are at the forefront of high-speed passenger train travel in North America. The electric ACS-64 locomotive, based on Siemens Mobility's successful Eurosprinter design, was originally adapted for Amtrak’s service between Boston and Washington, DC. The Diesel-electric Charger locomotive is based on more than 130 years of comprehensive global expertise in the development, production, and maintenance of rolling stock. Siemens Mobility is known for its on-time delivery of both the ACS-64 and Charger locomotives, and offers access to in-house financing. From start to finish, both locomotives are manufactured at the full-service Siemens Mobility manufacturing facility in Sacramento, California, in accordance with Buy-America regulations. Both boast the high reliability and high performance that keep North American passenger service on track.

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Proven in service

A trusted pair of locomotives

ACS-64 electric locomotive

Known originally as the Amtrak Cities Sprinter, the ACS-64 is Siemens Mobility's first complete transfer of a high-speed electric locomotive from Europe to the U.S. In 2010, Amtrak ordered 70 locomotives for service on its Northeast Corridor. They started revenue service in 2014. Since then, 85 ACS-64 units have been put into revenue service by Amtrak and SEPTA.

Charger Diesel-electric locomotive

Its low overall weight and efficient Diesel engine make the Charger the most energy-efficient Tier 4 passenger locomotive in the industry. It has the lowest fuel consumption, can be run on biodiesel, and fulfills the EPA’s stringent Tier 4 emissions standards. It features 95% particulate matter reduction and 89% emissions reduction compared to existing Tier 0 locomotives. More than 200 locomotives have been ordered since 2014, making the Charger locomotive the market leader in its segment.


An innovative, flexible, and forward-thinking design

Our locomotives provide the latest energy efficiency and operational features and can incorporate customer specific requirements, positioning you to meet current and emerging demands.

The ACS-64 and Charger locomotives both feature

  • Compliance with FRA and DOT regulations
  • Customizable design
  • Sleek, attractive appearance
  • Ergonomic operator consoles with man-machine interfaces
  • Cab and engineer’s desk meet expectations of Amtrak’s Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Cab Committee
  • Side windows, mirrors and cameras for controlling passenger platform
  • Regenerative electrical braking for up to 10 -15% in annual energy savings
  •  Lightweight design for excellent acceleration up to 125 mph
  • Maintenance-friendly layout and equipment arrangements for lower life cycle cost
  • Advanced monitoring and diagnostics systems, including self-diagnosis and remote capabilities
  • Redundant systems

Individual features of ACS-64 locomotives

  • Compatible with all catenary voltages on the Northeast and Keystone Corridor (25/12.5 kV 60 Hz and 12.5 kV 25 Hz)
  • Reinforced monocoque carbody and Crash Energy Management for better safety
  • Train safety: State-of-the-art ACSES positive train control unit, including train radio and automatic train control

Individual features of Charger locomotives

  • Cab safety cage and Crash Energy Management for better safety
  • Better air quality and lowest Diesel emissions in class due to compliance with EPA Tier 4 emissions standards
  • All locomotive equipment, including engine, are designed to emit lowest possible noise, for increased passenger, crew and resident comfort
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What customers are saying

“These new locomotives will offer increased reliability, more hauling power, improved safety features and lower emissions.”
Richard Anderson | Former Amtrak President & CEO
“We paid for a performance machine and this is a performance machine. This is absolutely the top end of railroading. I would argue this is probably the finest fleet in the world.”
Tom Rutkowski | VP of Engineering and Chief Mechanical Officer | Virgin Trains USA

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