40 Years of Light Rail Vehicles

Mobility for cities on the move

As the market leader in the U.S. and Canada, Siemens Mobility has delivered more than 1900 light rail vehicles and streetcars to 19 cities over the past four decades. We have come a long way since the first light rail vehicle took its inaugural trip in San Diego in 1981. Almost 40 years later, Siemens Mobility manufactures modern high- and low-floor light rail vehicles at its Sacramento, California manufacturing facility powered by a 2MW solar installation.  Our innovative rail designs include the first low-floor light-rail vehicles in North America introduced in 1996, and the new S700 light-rail vehicle design featuring 100% low-floor technology. These low-floor designs enhance operational efficiency and accommodates those with impaired mobility. Today’s low- and high-floor light rail vehicles built by Siemens Mobility combine industry leading innovations with time-tested design to provide best-in-class service for cities across North America.

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Connecting neighborhoods

Light rail systems move passengers to their destinations faster and more comfortably, allowing them to skip traffic congestion and reduce air pollution. Siemens Mobility's light rail vehicles connect neighborhoods with city centers running mainly on tracks separated from the roads, making travel easy, reliable and affordable.


In addition, our streetcars share the street with private vehicles. Designed for a top speed of 35 mph (56 km/h), the streetcar offers an attractive alternative to traveling by car or bus in the city center. It also reduces downtown traffic and serves short local routes with frequent stops.


Our portfolio for urban mobility in North America

S700 low-floor light rail vehicle

The latest innovation in Siemens Mobility low-floor light rail technology – the S700. Updating the 15-year-old S70 platform, the new and improved modern design of Siemens Mobility's low-floor LRV has a new name and a new passenger experience. The S700 maintains the many proven and reliable aspects of the S70. The technological innovations throughout the new vehicle design and an innovative open low-floor configuration makes it one of the most accessible vehicles of its kind in today’s market. The end-to-end low-floor access for all passengers including those in the ADA community and better sight-lines for security allows for noticeably improved passenger flow and comfort, safety and efficiency.



The S700 has proven reliable in several demanding climates from Houston to Minneapolis, Phoenix to Seattle. A robust climate control system ensures customer comfort across a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels.



The S700 has been designed with ease of maintenance as a prime factor intended to minimize turnaround times. Several service-proven features are included in the S700 standard design that will make maintenance, cleaning and repairs easier. Simplified truck and tire maintenance reduce downtime.


Smart Technology 

A remote diagnostic tool and rail remote service desk allows the end user remote access to view active and historic vehicle fault data. Data is sent in real-time when traveling on the alignment, at station platforms or vehicle staging locations. On-board energy storage systems could provide energy to the propulsions system via a roof mounted unit if desired.

S700 Streetcar – America's city solution

Streetcars are reviving American cities, connecting bars, restaurants and pedestrian areas along the streetcar line. This promotes cultural vitality and fulfills the new desire for urban proximity and walkable neighborhoods. 


The S700 streetcar is based on our proven S700 light rail vehicle platform. Thanks to their design these vehicles can also be used as streetcars if desired by the operator. It offers passengers easy, barrier-free access and can be converted to a light rail vehicle for future expansion.On-board energy storage systems  provide energy to the propulsions system via a roof mounted unit.

S200 platform – high-floor light rail solution for North America

The S200 platform is the newest development in high-floor technology – using the already proven construction and components of the S70 platform. In October 2013, the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada ordered new S200 vehicles to replace their aging fleet, which continues the more than 30-year success story of Siemens Mobility's high-floor vehicles in Calgary.

LRV4 MUNI – Customized solutions for San Francisco’s unique city

Siemens Mobility’ latest technology in high-floor vehicles makes travel easy, reliable and accessible. With the capability to accommodate high and low boarding and operate in multiple vehicle consists, the Muni LRV4 is there to help connect the great places throughout San Francisco. This vehicle is a hybrid creation, combining the best elements from both of our successful high-floor and low-floor light rail platforms.


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