Venture Trainsets for a New Era

Latest Siemens Mobility design provides sophistication and efficiency

Siemens Mobility has redefined intercity rail travel in North America with the Venture trainset. While designed for tomorrow, the trainset is built on a tested and service-proven platform in use throughout North America. It delivers an unsurpassed passenger experience and raises the bar for efficiency and reliability. The coach car has a spacious interior and is easily configured into economy, business, cafe or cab cars to fit your specific needs. The trainset also features the safest rail car design on the market, with Crash Energy Management (CEM) crumple zones at both ends. Powered by our market-leading Charger diesel-electric locomotive, it travels at speeds up to 125 mph. In short, the Venture is being embraced by passengers, operators, and agencies alike.

Setting the new standard for intercity train travel

The Venture trainset offers comfort without compromise from the moment passengers step on board. Combining innovation with attention to detail, we’ve upgraded standard elements and added a host of new amenities to offer a more engaging ride for all passengers.

A safer design that’s built to last

Siemens Mobility has been designing and building passenger cars for more than 160 years. Our experience informs the Venture trainset, which stands the test of time for both form and function and is safer than existing vehicles in operation today. It has fewer potential hazards, more safety features, and innovations that extend its longevity.

Virgin Trains USA built on Venture Trainsets

Siemens Mobility worked closely with Virgin Trains USA (formerly Brightline) during a rigorous design process that led to the Venture trainset. The first of five four-car trainsets from the initial order was delivered in December 2016.

Learn more about the partnership between Siemens Mobility and Virgin Trains USA by clicking here.