Digital Services

Whether it involves guaranteed availability, maximized throughput, or the implementation of new business models, Digital Services from Siemens Mobility Services provides you with the key. From sensor technology to intelligent algorithms and precise analytics, we offer a complete foundation for optimized operation – further supported by the decades of practical experience of our experts in rail service. Digital Services are based on the powerful platform architecture from Siemens Mobility. More than 300,000 devices and systems that meet the latest IT security standards are already connected to this Application Suite. Based on this foundation, we further improved our Mobility Application Suite for you, and it will allow you to get even more out from your systems. You can look forward to Railigent® – to “manage your assets smarter!”

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Smart Data

Faster than errors

The digital ongoing development of maintenance – corrective is a thing of the past, prescriptive is today. The future will bring new business models.

Railigent Mobility Application Suite

Using data to create added value

Get more out of your system components – with Mobility’s improved Application Suite for Digital Services: Railigent.

Smart Security

Safely toward the digital transformation

IT infrastructures must be secure. Siemens Mobility Services offers a comprehensive concept to protect your systems and data. 

Smart Measurement

Smooth operations and condition-based maintenance

Accurate and flexible rail measurement systems from MRX Technologies - A Siemens business.

Digital Services

Leveraging the strengths of rail service – with Digital Services

With our Digital Services, you can exploit the full potential of the digital transformation. You can be faster than disruptions thanks to smart data. Benefit from new approaches designed to boost reliability, availability, and efficiency – by means of predictive maintenance, optimized asset management, and efficient operation. 

Anticipating errors – boosting performance

How can potential disruptions be detected and prevented at an early stage? Siemens Mobility Services provides you with comprehensive support by means of a Digital Services portfolio that is refined on an ongoing basis. 

Railigent® Connect securely transmits the data from your infrastructure and vehicle systems the terrestrial terminals in real time – creating the optimal foundation for the mobility-specific Application Suite Railigent based on the Siemens platform architecture. Smart monitoring provides you with an overview of all events in your fleets and routes. Smart data analysis uses that information to generate precise conclusions and recommendations for action.

Based on Sinalytics, with Railigent you can mark the beginning of the next generation – from intelligent failure prediction to performance improvements on all components to the optimization of your entire operation.

Maintenance, security, and asset management in the digital era


Digital Services on the rail

The digital transformation has gained momentum in rail service – as can be seen in the real-life examples for our Digital Services.


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