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Expert Refurbishment – Transforming old into new

As fleets age and technology evolves, our upgrade services ensure that your fleets meet the expectations of your passengers, service maintainers and operating infrastructure. Utilizing our comprehensive integration approach, we ensure that technology updates and product developments will meet the evolving targets of our customers.  These can be measured by reducing life-cycle cost, improving reliability and efficiency and enhancing the aesthetics – each will add value by extending the expected life of your vehicles. Increased energy efficiency, improved comfort and greater reliability – there are many good reasons for modernizing, enhancing or repairing your rail vehicles and infrastructure. Another good reason is extension of lifetime. Because long lifetime enables to treat resources with care. Whether interior conversion, system upgrade or refurbishment – with Siemens Mobility Upgrade Services, you can be confident that your fleet will travel into the future with maximum comfort, low emissions and high energy efficiency.

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Upgrade Services - PIS and CCTV

Some of the quickest evolving technology is observed in the realm of passenger experience and infotainment.  Modern electronics show great advancements in screen resolution, adaptability, durability and energy consumption.
We have various solutions that incorporate latest display technology, CCTV and infotainment.  This is particularly important when new vehicles are purchased and older fleets must be interoperable in mixed fleet consists.  Passengers will appreciate a cohesive experience and your vehicles can continue to be the icon of your city.

Upgrade Services - Refurbishment

One of the easiest ways to add value to your rolling stock investment is to refurbish existing fleets to ensure greater reliability and functionality.  We offer turnkey fleet refurbishment, from the tires to the pantograph; from NTP to revenue service.  Our carbody refurbishment includes corrosion repair and mitigation, accident repair, painting and graphics and interior modernization. The vehicle bogies are the heart of the vehicle as they do the heavy lifting each day.  Our comprehensive bogie service center will assess, overhaul and repair your most expensive asset to ensure longevity and reliability.

Upgrade Services - Bogie Service Center

Assessments – we will develop a comprehensive conditioned based evaluation of the complete bogies
Complete refurbishments – our fully capable in house workshop can manage the complex overhaul
Repairs – accidents happen and we can ensure the most valuable assets are repaired to OEM specifications
Power-Axle Overhauls – our motor and  gearbox facilities will ensure reliability and longevity

Upgrade Services - Accident Repairs

Accidents are bound to happen and we would like to support.  As the car builder and platform designer, we understand what repairs are required to bring a damaged vehicle back to revenue service.  Our repair analysis will support appraisal and insurance processing; our engineering assessments will ensure a complete structural analysis and build plans – just as the vehicle rolled out of our production plant.


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