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Electric Locomotives Power Amtrak and the Economy

ACS-64 Electric Locomotives

Siemens Amtrak Cities Sprinter (ACS-64) electric locomotives helps Amtrak improve reliability of service and support passenger growth in the years ahead.

  • Fleet of 70 ACS-64 electric locomotives

  • Improved fleet efficiency, safety and maintenance

  • Exceeded Amtrak’s Buy America standards

About the Project

Initial Situation

Locomotives used on Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor (NEC) mainline were reaching the end of their useful life. The aging equipment hindered Amtrak’s profitability with the cost of maintaining older locomotives becoming greater each year.


Customer Challenges

Amtrak needed to replace its locomotive fleet with a new generation of technology. The new locomotive needed to meet Amtrak’s high-speed and commuter needs for the NEC, such as being able to handle three different power systems, while also improving reliability of service and energy efficiency.


Our Solution

The new ACS-64 locomotive from Siemens will power Amtrak and the economic future of the Northeast Corridor. Dubbed the Amtrak Cities Sprinter, the advanced technology electric locomotives are designed for improved reliability, energy efficiency and easier maintenance. Seventy new locomotives will fully replace Amtrak’s electric fleet by the end of 2016.


The ACS-64 features a peak of 8,600 horsepower; a crash energy management system with crumple zone; state-of-the-art microprocessor to self-diagnose, alert and self-correct technical issues; heating, cooling, lighting and door system redundancy; and energy-saving regenerative braking technology.

About the Customer

The Northeast Corridor (NEC) mainline is not only Amtrak’s most profitable service line, it’s an engine that powers business in the region. The NEC mainline carries three passengers for every one airline passenger between Washington D.C. and New York, and more passengers between New York and Boston than all airlines combined. Amtrak is a vital player in the Northeast economy and transportation system, connecting major business, financial, political, cultural, medical and educational centers.

Additional Information

Creating an energy efficient fleet

To improve fleet efficiency the ACS-64 features the latest in regenerative braking technology. The electro-dynamic brake can feed up to 100 percent of energy generated during braking back to the power grid. With regenerative braking, the 70 locomotives could save over 3 billion-kilowatt hours of energy.


Made in America

All 70 ACS-64 locomotives are assembled at Siemens solar-powered rail manufacturing plant in Sacramento, California and feature equipment built at Siemens plants in Ohio and Georgia. Parts are provided by nearly 60 other suppliers, representing 50 cities and 20 states, exceeding Amtrak’s Buy America standards.