Modernization enables Calgary Transit fleets to work together seamlessly.

Siemens Mobility across-the-board updates make four earlier fleets interoperable, more reliable, and customer pleasing.

Connecting Calgary’s light rail fleets

Calgary Transit had a challenge: how to get different generations of its light rail transit (LRT) vehicles talking to each other so they can operate as one fleet. Calgary Transit turned to Siemens Mobility for the answer, a step it has taken many times since the Canadian transportation agency began partnering with the LRT manufacturer in 1981.

Improving communications, extending equipment life

Siemens Mobility engineering and design experts developed a comprehensive modernization program that enables the 72 vehicles from three earlier fleets to connect flawlessly with the 38 vehicles from a newer generation. All of the vehicles were manufactured by Siemens Mobility at its plant in Sacramento, California. Not only is modernization improving Calgary Transit operations and on-time reliability, it is also extending the life of these vehicles and enhancing the customer experience.

Comprehensive modernization

An efficient, holistic approach to refurbishment

The refurbishment program included new signaling across the train line, upgraded passenger information systems that match the latest generation for better interoperability across the fleet, corrosion repair for easier maintenance and increased operating lifetime, enhancements to the operator’s cab interior and dashboard, and new flooring and seating for the passenger cars. Now all of the vehicles have a similar look and feel.


Modernization took place at the 60,000-square-foot Siemens Mobility McClellan Park plant in Sacramento that is dedicated to service, maintenance, and repairs. The Calgary Transit program was one of the first projects handled at the plant, which opened in 2016 and continues to grow. The facility houses Siemens Mobility refurbishment operations, rail bogie service center, accident repair, and spare parts delivery for North America.