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Going the distance with the ALC-42

Siemens locomotives provide service to North America’s largest passenger rail provider 

Amtrak long distance routes powered by Siemens Charger locomotives

A proven workhorse now goes the distance 

Siemens Charger locomotives – already renowned for their reliability on intercity routes across the country – are now getting ready to show off their long-distance endurance with the ALC-42, a locomotive outfitted with larger capacities for fuel, nation-wide positive train control and a 4200 horsepower engine that will allow it to run at speeds of up to 125 mph.  Soon, we will see these locomotives in action as they begin to replace Amtrak’s National Network locomotive fleet for long distance train service.


These diesel electric locomotives provide increased hauling power, improved safety features and world-class environmental technology.  They will be amongst the most energy efficient locomotives of their kind in the marketplace today:  meeting EPA’s latest Tier 4 emissions standards, along with the recent stringent CARB certification required by the California Air Resources Board. 


All of the locomotives are American Made at Siemens Mobility’s solar-powered manufacturing facility in Sacramento, California which has established a robust and diverse base of U.S. suppliers across the country, including Cummins, which manufactures the engines at its Seymour, Indiana, facility.


This new Charger long distance fleet will now proudly stand alongside the Amtrak fleet of Siemens ACS-64 electric locomotives currently working up and down the country’s busiest route, the Northeast Corridor. Charger locomotives are also reliably operating in several state-supported Amtrak routes in California, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, and Washington.


On behalf of the hundreds of Siemens employees who have helped design, build, and service these advanced technology locomotives, we congratulate Amtrak on their new Long Distance Chargers and we look forward to the future.
Michael Cahill, President, Rolling Stock, Siemens Mobility 

Sustainable solutions for a sustainable future

All Siemens Charger locomotives comply with today’s highest emissions standards, including the new ALC-42 Amtrak long distance locomotive.  In addition to being Tier-4 certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Siemens Charger was recently emissions-verified by the stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards. Providing an estimated 90% reduction in emissions, this allows the Charger to improve operational efficiency while contributing to local and state sustainability and air quality goals.

A proven track record

The ACS-64 is Siemens Mobility's first complete transfer of a high-speed electric locomotive from Europe to the U.S. In 2010, Amtrak ordered 70 locomotives for service on its Northeast Corridor. They started revenue service in Feb 2014. Since then, 70 ACS-64 units have been put into revenue service by Amtrak. 

In November 2017, Caltrans and IDOT amended a $317 million contract for new passenger cars, replacing Nippon Sharyo with Siemens Mobility, and partnering with Sumitomo corp. The contract includes 137 single-level passenger railcars - 49 for Caltrans and 88 for IDOT - to be operated by Amtrak.

On December 21, 2018, Amtrak announced it will acquire new mainline passenger diesel locomotives to replace its aging National Network locomotive fleet for Amtrak’s Long Distance. Amtrak awarded Siemens Mobility an $850 million contract for 75 new Tier 4 locomotives and associated services.

This next era of high-performance, energy-efficient locomotives will enable Amtrak to provide improved performance, reliability and mobility for long distance routes throughout the nation. The new locomotives will power trains for the Auto Train, California Zephyr, Capitol Limited, Cardinal, City of New Orleans, Coast Starlight, Crescent, Empire Builder, Lake Shore Limited, Palmetto, Silver Meteor, Silver Star, Southwest Chief, Sunset Limited and Texas Eagle.

In 2014 Siemens Mobility announced they started a 15-year technical support and spare parts supply agreement with Amtrak for their 70 new Siemens ACS-64 electric locomotives in operation on the Northeast Corridor.

Situated in Central New Jersey and in service since 1933, Amtrak’s Metuchen traction power facility supplies electricity for rail operations along the Northeast Corridor (NEC).

Tapped by Amtrak in 2018 to replace the outdated rotary converts, the Siemens team and Amtrak worked closely to design, build, deliver, and install two new static frequency converters within the limited confines at Metuchen. The Metuchen project was executed by Siemens Mobility Division with no delays and came in under budget, helping Amtrak save $18 million on the facility upgrades.

The new converters also provide greater efficiency for Amtrak, reducing power loss by almost 50 percent, more than doubling its current capacity, and giving Amtrak the ability to run more trains with faster speeds in the region.