Miami-Dade gives green light to ease traffic congestion

Siemens Mobility’s intelligent software technology for synchronized traffic control systems

Real-time smart data for traffic management

The Miami-Dade area is known for its high level of automobile dependency due to its decentralized and wide-spread metropolitan area, which has led to long commutes in all directions and increased traffic congestion throughout the County.


Siemens Mobility plans to counteract this problem with our Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) for Miami-Dade, which will upgrade 2,900 County intersections and traffic corridors with intelligent hardware and software technology. This technology will collect real-time data and provide an integrated advanced traffic management platform to create an adaptive and synchronized control system which will improve the movement of traffic, ease congestion and reduce carbon emissions in the area.

ATMS for Miami-Dade: How it Works

Working simultaneously with our Sitraffic Concert platform that supervises and coordinates the functionality of the ATMS system, the systems will work directly with the adaptive traffic control system called SCOOT (Split Cycle and Offset Optimization Technique), a dynamic, on-line, real-time method of signal control that continuously measures traffic demand on all approaches to the busy  intersections of Miami-Dade.


The fusion of data between the systems will enable a more robust traffic control network for the wide-spread metropolitan area. Specifically, traffic data (vehicle counts, travel times) collected by SCOOT at the intersection will be utilized within Sitraffic Concert to make network-wide management decisions. This will allow for operational adjustments to be sent to SCOOT for real-time implementation at an intersection, which will ensure public transit vehicles are kept on schedule and pedestrian safety is maximized for the County. 

Better traffic flow and enhanced sustainability

The ATMS system for Miami-Dade will automatically change traffic patterns in real-time, linking roadway corridors for better traffic flow and enhanced sustainability. Our proven technology will ease congestion, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance quality of life by allowing Miami-Dade residents to spend 15% less time sitting in traffic.


Our ATMS Technology in Miami-Dade has been used and proven for traffic systems upgrade projects in over 300 cities, including recent ATMS projects in Seattle, WA, Delaware, London, UK and Bogota, Colombia.