Western Riverside Council of Governments streetlight program transforms lighting in eleven cities.

Siemens Mobility converts 40,952 streetlights to save cities $5 million annually.

A bright idea for Southern California

The energy savings were immediate and greater than expected when the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) in Southern California began its LED conversion program of over 50,000 streetlights. For WRCOG it was a challenge that turned into opportunity. By taking ownership of these assets from their local utility and implementing a Siemens-led LED conversion program, the participating jurisdictions were able to improve aesthetics, safety, and the bottom line.


Siemens Mobility’s experience managing large-scale installations in Cleveland, Ohio (60,000 streetlights) and Knoxville, Tennessee (30,000) came into play for this unique program that spanned eleven jurisdictions in Western Riverside County. Siemens Mobility worked closely with staff from WRCOG and ten of the participating jurisdictions to get the job done almost four and a half months early. The eleven participating jurisdictions include the Cities of Eastvale, Hemet, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Perris, San Jacinto, Temecula, and Wildomar, as well as the Jurupa Community Services District.

Seamless streetlight conversion

Participating jurisdictions appreciated Siemens Mobility’s highly flexible management of the installation that kept the job on track while fielding city requests throughout the process. A team of up to 16 electricians installed the 40,952 LED streetlights, an average of 2,275 lights per month or 568 lights installed per week. At the height of the activity, Siemens Mobility installed almost 6,000 lights in one month. The first LED was installed in February 2019 and the last one in August 2020. Already the region is experiencing a 70% reduction in energy consumption, an improvement from the original projections of 50% to 65% in energy savings. The 20-year savings for the participating jurisdictions combined is projected to be $100 million.1


Siemens Mobility also managed other crucial aspects of the program, including the asset confirmation process with the utility and the auditing of 200 additional streetlights for the City of Menifee. The City of Temecula also turned to Siemens Mobility for installation of a wireless control system that allows real-time remote control of 6,000 streetlights. This includes the ability to brighten or dim the lights individually or as a group. The smart city application further reduces energy consumption beyond the LED conversion.

Streetlight conversion improves lighting, increases savings and sustainability

WRCOG selected Siemens Mobility to provide maintenance for participating jurisdictions that will increase the reliability of their lighting service. Siemens Mobility also provided advisory services during the LED selection process based on its years of installing and maintaining streetlights.

1 The $100 million savings does not include debt payments for financing jurisdictions.  The net savings, including debt payments, is estimated to be up to $70 million over 20 years.