Connecting the Dots on the Road and in the Cloud 

Data plays an important role in the future of mobility. Our Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) group has been at the forefront of turning data into solutions since our pioneering work with roadside units (RSUs). Today, ITS is a major stakeholder in U.S. Department of Transportation-funded connected vehicle (CV) projects across the country and our big-data solutions are reshaping the mobility operating system. Offering advanced traffic management systems and traffic controllers, we help to balance an efficient road network, integrated fleet management, and end-user-centric multimodal transportation. Our solutions are making transportation infrastructure more intelligent – capable of predicting and self-correcting mobility challenges in real time. 

Proven Solutions for Traffic Management and Control

The ACES Transformation Is Underway

The ITS group is a leader in preparing the country’s infrastructure for a system that will be truly Autonomous, Connected, Electric, and Shared (ACES).

Preparing for the Future with Siemens Mobility

As transportation becomes more interconnected, Siemens Mobility is making the connection between technologies. Instead of seeing technologies as standalone modules, we view them as parts of greater intermodal solutions. Our ITS team of experienced professionals is developing solutions that span the needs of cities, drivers, commuters, and pedestrians. We connect people with our connected mobility technologies, laying the groundwork for a seamless transportation system. And our work with cities across the country is making sure that important infrastructure components are ready for an ACES-enabled world.

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Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)

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