Intelligent Traffic Systems Maintenance Services

Siemens has the most comprehensive portfolio of integrated transportation products, services and solutions to help upgrade your city’s infrastructure today and keep it maintained for tomorrow. The range of services and solutions we provide includes energy efficient signals and streetlights, scalable traffic management software and on-street traffic hardware, as well as designing, installing and maintaining lighting controls systems and associated wireless capabilities. We have a long history of providing routine and around-the clock emergency maintenance, traffic engineering and design-build transportation improvements. We are the nationwide leader in energy efficient upgrades of traffic signal and streetlight systems, and we pride ourselves on delivering personalized customer service, a rapid response time and qualified, experienced personnel.

Conversion of Outdated Streetlights to Energy Efficient LED Lighting

With energy prices on the rise, streetlights are often the single largest utility bill for a city. In response, Siemens has developed a process to assist cities in converting their outdated streetlight fixtures to energy efficient ones, which translates into reductions in energy expenditures and maintenance bills. As the leading installer of energy efficient retrofits for public agencies, we also offer energy analysis, preliminary inventory analysis, financial payback analysis and project funding.

Maintenance of Traffic Signals and Traffic Signal LED Retrofit Turnkey Solution

Once your streetlights and traffic signals are safely installed, keep them performing optimally with routine maintenance. We have a team of qualified professionals that can perform on-site monthly, semi-annual and annual inspections in order to reduce the incidence of malfunctions, reduce complaints, promote safety and proactively extend the longevity of the traffic control equipment, thus reducing the overall operating cost for the city’s traffic signal system. We can perform construction and installation services, routine replacements of standard streetlight equipment, equipment audits and emergency repair.

Engineering, Test & Repair Facilities, Utility Services and Call Box Services 

New methods and products are constantly being introduced, and like most technical fields, constant training and updating of this knowledge and skills is essential to remaining a frontrunner in the transportation industry, and ensuring that we have qualified personnel. We offer the only federally approved training program for streetlight and traffic signal technicians, and have the largest workforce of IMSA level III Certified Traffic Signal Technicians in the industry.

Service Contact Numbers

East Coast #: 1 (800) LIGHTS-ON

West Coast #: 1 (800) 229-6090