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Our Services

Delivering ITS Upgrades and Maintenance Services

You can rely on our highly qualified personnel, customized services and upgrades, and rapid response time to meet your needs.

Cities have turned to us for timely infrastructure improvements since Siemens installed the country’s first electric streetlight system in Cleveland. Now we are helping cities prepare for a transportation system that is Autonomous, Connected, Electric, and Shared (ACES). We provide design-build improvements, traffic engineering, and routine and around-the-clock emergency maintenance. We also design, install, and maintain lighting controls systems and associated wireless capabilities. Our comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions also includes on-street traffic hardware, scalable traffic management software, and energy-efficient traffic signals and streetlights. 

Making Outdated Streetlights Energy Efficient

Streetlights are often a city’s single largest utility bill. Recognizing that outdated streetlights consume the most energy, Siemens developed a process to retrofit them with the best available energy-efficiency technologies, such as LED lights. Our process begins with an energy analysis and a detailed streetlight audit that form the basis for system standardization, efficiency improvements, and maintenance services. During the design stage, we balance savings goals and the need for safe, adequate light levels to determine the best options with the longest maintenance-free operation. We also conduct financial payback analysis and help identify funding sources. With our vendor-neutral process, Siemens is the leading installer of energy-efficient retrofits. 

Engineering, Test & Repair Facilities, Utility Services and Call Box Services 

New methods and products are constantly being introduced, and like most technical fields, constant training and updating of this knowledge and skills is essential to remaining a frontrunner in the transportation industry, and ensuring that we have qualified personnel. We offer the only federally approved training program for streetlight and traffic signal technicians, and have the largest workforce of IMSA level III Certified Traffic Signal Technicians in the industry.

Leading with Qualified, Skilled Staff

Siemens remains a frontrunner in the transportation industry by ensuring that we have highly qualified personnel. In fact, we offer the only federally approved training program for streetlight and traffic signal technicians. We also have the largest workforce of IMSA Level III Certified Traffic Signal Technicians in the industry. 


Retrofitting Traffic Signals


A cost-effective, turnkey solution is also available for retrofitting traffic signals with LED lights. Our solution provides real opportunities for reducing energy consumption by replacing incandescent lamps with low-power, high-reliability LED modules. We identify potential energy and maintenance savings, calculate project costs, and then procure and install the best available products.  

Providing Engineering, Test & Repair Facilities, and Utility and Call Box Services

You can also rely on Siemens for engineering and professional services such as design and review, traffic engineering consulting, ITS and traffic operations services, land development services, and IT services. We have test and repair facilities on the East and West coasts, where we repair traffic signal control products and test and certify cabinets and controllers. Our utilities services include system inventory, emergency services, wood pole testing and treatment, AMI network and AMR electric meters, and detailed line inspection. Our call box services include programming, proactive maintenance, technology upgrades, and monitoring and asset tracking.


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