Introducing the new SIWAVE traffic control solutions and the launch of SIWAVE Insights

From Signal Performance Measures to Alarm Management and Advanced Analytics, SIWAVE Insights offers traffic professionals with the tools to optimize their intersections with ease.

Siemens ITS newest product family, SIWAVE, now includes, SIWAVE Insights, a cloud-based platform that empowers traffic agencies and industry professionals alike to effortlessly manage and improve the efficiency of their intersections. Designed to be more than the typical Signal Performance Measures (SPM) tool, SIWAVE Insights is a cloud-based analytics and alarm management platform providing customizable alarms, advanced analytics and seamless integration with our Advanced Traffic Management System, TACTICS™.  This powerful tool allows traffic engineers to get a quick overview of their intersections, access key analytics and create and monitor alarms with just a few clicks. It’s cloud-based platform enables traffic professionals to monitor their intersections, anytime, anywhere, making optimization of intersections easy.

SIWAVE Insights offers:

SIWAVE Insights’ cloud-based technology allows for automatic and instantaneous data transfer from TACTICS™ directly to your SIWAVE Insights platform.


Automatic & Instantaneous Data Transfer from TACTICS™ to Insights

   Your intersections’ data, at your fingertips


Seamless Integration with TACTICS™

   Access SIWAVE Insights directly from your TACTICS™ platform or from an internet       browser