Traffic Control

We take innovation seriously. We continuously evolve our products to incorporate state-of-the-art technology and current national standards while maintaining support for legacy deployments.

Siemens is continuously introducing new innovations while steadily improving existing solutions. As a result, Siemens ITS has a broad product portfolio, which can be tailor-made for individual customer needs.

m60 ATC / m60 NEMA

The Siemens m60 series ATC complies with the industry’s latest Advanced Traffic Controller (ATC) standard v6.25. Built on the proven m50 hardware architecture, combined with powerful industry-leading SEPAC software, the Linux-based m60 series ATC provides a host of functions to meet the needs of traffic agencies of all sizes.


The Siemens m60 series provides a vast array of benefits compared to other similar products in the industry. At the heart of the m60 series is the Siemens Multiview Display (SMD) concept. The SMD provides the user with multiple timesaving mechanisms to operate and program traffic controllers. For ease of operation, the 16 line display is split into an active programming view at the top and a dynamically updated active status view – or the context-sensitive HELP – at the bottom.

This dual view enables users to dynamically visualize the impact of their programming changes on the overall efficiency of the intersection. In addition, the ability to program customized function buttons to a specific menu item ensures quick navigation, making the operation of an m60 series fast and efficient. Having built upon the proven Siemens m50 hardware platform, the m60 series offers a range of possibilities to address financial and technological constraints faced by traffic agencies.


  • Exceeds ATC standard v6.25 compliance

  • Active TFT backlift LCD display with Siemens Multview Display Technology

  • Modular ATC Communications hub

  • Convenient field upgrade packages

  • Linux upgrade package

  • m50 USB upgrade package

  • m60 ATC upgrade package

  • m60 NEMA upgrade package


2070LX ATC

The model 2070LX ATC represents the quality of the Siemens brand, as well as the leading edge of surface transportation control technology.


  • Supports cross-vendor compatibility between hardware and software

  • Versatile with multiple processing, communications, and I/O hardware module options

  • Easily upgradable and quickly customized with modular design

  • Designed and built for unattended operation in harsh environments

  • Interchangeable with standard 170 controllers


  • Meets Caltrans specifications
  • Rack-mounted to fit into any Caltrans style cabinet

  • Back-of-cabinet wiring and access available

  • Open architecture platform with Linux operating system

  • Standard software modules from multiple sources

  • 2 slots available for choice of dual serial, FSK, and fiber optic, EIA232 or 485 modems

  • High speed serial communications to CPU


SEPAC is unparalleled traffic signal priority software that enables mobility, safety and a better environment in order to improve the quality of life in cities. The software is designed for Siemens “m” series and CalTrans 2070 style controllers, as well as for ATC (Linux based) controllers. Incorporating more than 25 years of actual “on-street” traffic control experience, SEPAC is user-friendly and accommodates a large variety of traffic control requirements through its diverse configuration capabilities.


  • User-friendly, 16 line menu driven software
  • Each parameter viewable with a menu and the cursor movable to that parameter for changes

  • Support for Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) data for DSRC-enabled connected vehicles

  • Peer-to-peer communications, linking multiple intersections to create a local adaptive green wave that enhances traffic flow

  • Logically laid out keysets with simple setup and startup using standard traffic nomenclature throughout the system

  • Rich sets of logging, diagnostics and reporting capabilities available for troubleshooting and data analysis

  • Ability to export/import intersection configuration and remotely upload software using the Siemens TACTICS™ 5 Advanced Traffic Management System


  • The system features a SSM (Signal System Master) with the ability to select system timing plans responsively based on surveillance of actual traffic conditions, Time Based events, manual, and/or remote commands

  • Primary system objectives are:

  • Flexibility of traffic responsive and / or time base (timeof-day/day-of-week/month day-of-year) system control

  • System diagnosis from a single site

  • System monitoring and reporting at a single site

  • System timing modification from a single site

  • Multi-level back-up operation

  • Minimize reliance on and cost of communications

  • Staged implementation capability

  • Future potential for multi-level central operation

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