Enabling Disparate Traffic Systems to Communicate Seamlessly 

Agency transportation leaders are tasked with managing the planning and operations of their networks. These include monitoring capacity utilization, planning for special events, and responding to unplanned incidents. Infrastructure operators utilize a portfolio of ITS devices and subsystems that can be applied in certain situations. However, these systems often operate independently. This leads to a fragmented set of uncoordinated ITS systems with limited utility in managing the overall network. Their effectiveness for traffic management, however, could be significantly increased through an integration platform.

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Concert Advanced Traffic Management System

Siemens Mobility Concert Advanced Traffic Management System is designed to be such a tool. It is based on a modular concept - common base modules, including central data management and GIS, serve as the core of the system and can be expanded or combined modularly at any time.

Additional systems including, but not limited to, variable message sign control, traffic signal control, floating car data and statistics tools can be included based on requirements. Third-party systems can also be integrated using standard as well as proprietary interfaces.


As a result, the Concert is a capable primary traffic management platform for large metropolitan regions with a diverse ITS portfolio and a complex set of traffic management strategies. 

Concert Basics

Concert is an advanced ATMS solution that performs traditional device monitoring and control functions, but also interfaces directly with a wide variety of third-party data collection, device control, and messaging subsystems to dramatically increase the types and volume of data available for decision making.  This allows Concert to serve a supervisory role, overseeing and managing interconnected subsystems as well as analyzing and archiving remote data sources.  Concert also includes a powerful, logic-based strategy management workflow that allows operators to implement automated or ad-hoc IRPs based on any complex data value or trigger, as well as a simple time-of-day rules or binary remote inputs.  As an option Concert can be interfaced with Siemens’ Aimsun Live real-time simulation model to predict future conditions and test potential response plans for maximum effectiveness.       


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