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Advanced Traffic Management Software: TACTICS

TACTICS™ for Nassau County, NY

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TACTICS™ is a modular, full-featured traffic control system that complies with industry standards to deliver reliable, powerful, and easy-to-use traffic management. TACTICS™ is designed to grow with your agency, scaling to meet your needs.
  • TACTICS™ is fully compatible with Siemens SEPAC software, allowing users to benefit from all of the latest traffic control features. This includes system banks, NTCIP compliance, and a new import/export mechanism for configuration data that facilitates future support and changes. 

  • TACTICS™ employs the latest ECOM-to-NTCIP conversion facilities in SEPAC , which make it possible for the NTCIP protocol to be used. NTCIP helps to futureproof the software and to enable interoperability and interagency coordination. 

  • TACTICS™  also supports YAML, a new data format that facilitates traffic controller configuration. Siemens is the first to market YAML, which can be edited using any simple text editor. This gives the traffic engineer easy and full control of the configuration data. 

  • With a simplified user interface, installing the system is an easy process facilitated by a small number of clicks. The design also simplifies deployment of future TACTICS™ updates.

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