High Speed Rail for the U.S.

Transforming American Rail with High-Speed Rail

For decades, the United States has talked about high- speed rail, but now is the time to turn vision into reality. As our planet faces one of its greatest challenges, fighting climate change, transportation is key to lowering CO2 emissions. With zero emissions and a 100% electrified network, high speed rail can help the country move to a more sustainable transportation system. Doing so while spurring economic development and broadening labor markets at every city along the route, high- speed rail creates jobs, including high skilled manufacturing jobs. The market creation will expand the rail industry, an industry on which our country has been built for the past 150 years and has continued to keep our nation moving. Truly high speed rail will happen here – now is the time.

Technology to transform American rail

As a Buy-America compliant rolling stock, rail infrastructure and electrification manufacturer in the United States for nearly four decades and with 2,000 suppliers across 40+ states, We are excited about the possibility of high-speed rail in America. High-speed Rail would not only deliver a more sustainable and efficient transportation option for Americans, it would also create jobs and connect communities that have been disconnected from urban centers. HSR is the way of the world and I would love nothing more than to see this in the USA! 

Know-how to transform American rail

Transforming American Rail with Manufacturing

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