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High speed rail has the ability to transform towns into cities, bridging communities, and creating jobs in an unprecedented way. Replacing short haul flights with sustainable, comfortable alternatives, passengers find themselves spending less time in transit door-to-door. From state-of-the-art signaling and electrification, to communications and rolling stock, Siemens Mobility provides a comprehensive portfolio solution for any city pair. 

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Arrive in comfort and high speed style as you travel from city to city on a train that combines proven technology with future-oriented innovations.  As a single source supplier and system integrator, our comprehensive portfolio includes vehicles, infrastructure and automation solutions for everything from light rail and metro services to commuter and regional trains as well as long distance and high speed trains. Our high speed rail can operate at more than 150mph and deliver you faster than air travel.  Your new way of travel just got a whole lot faster.  

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