Siemens Mobility supplies Wiener Linien with latest train control systems

-         State-of-the-art vehicle security monitoring system                            -          Line installation for the entire U6 route from Floridsdorf to                   Siebenhirten                                                                                                        -          Existing vehicles on the U6 line are being converted

Siemens Mobility and Kiepe Electric are renewing the train control systems on Vienna's U6 metro line for Wiener Linien, the project started at the beginning of June. As part of the project, the magnetic travel lock that was previously in the route network will be further developed. The Siemens Mobility Trainguard MT ZUB System will function as a more modern solution in the future.


The system will be installed both along the 17.5 kilometer long U6 line and in 144 vehicles. In addition, Kiepe Electric is implementing a driver assistance system in the vehicles that supports the driver when accelerating and braking. The modification and initiation of the line is estimated to be complete in September 2023, the equipping of all vehicles in June 2024.


Trainguard - technology in detail


The automatic train control system Trainguard MT ZUB is up-to-date for the latest requirements for signaling and safety. The compact on-board unit and the energy-efficient trackside equipment, which is connected to the signals via interface cards, can easily be integrated into new signaling systems. It is also possible to retrofit existing systems. This guarantees cost-effective and maintenance-friendly operation.


Due to the constant contact between the vehicle and the signal switch boxes along the route, a reciprocal, punctiform exchange of information takes place. This guarantees continuous safety monitoring of train journeys. A high level of safety and precision is ensured thanks to the modern Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3). Nothing stands in the way of a modern, safe and efficient passenger service.