Legacy and Future of Australia’s Railway

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Modern Railway Australia 4.0

In highly urbanised areas Rail is counteracting the negative effects of climate change in a sustainable way. For the last hundred years the Australian Rail industry has trusted Siemens Mobility solutions for its challenges, and this enables us to combine seamlessly existing systems with digital capabilities. Over the last decade Siemens Mobility has developed through intensive research a clear vision for the future of Rail. We’re offering the most advanced solutions for increased efficiency and safety. What are the mega trends? What are solutions for our future mobility challenges and what are the expectations? We want to discuss this with experts and operators.
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What to expect

During the webinar, Siemens Mobility customers will give insights into different advanced solutions for the further growth of the Australian rail industry: Signaling 4.0, Predictive Maintenance, Data Protection and Hydrogen Technology for Rolling Stock are new areas with great potential.  
  • What are new digital signaling solutions?
  • How does data protection for rail work?
  • Does Hydrogen have a chance?
  • How is predictive maintenance changing availability? 
  • Questions and Answers

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