Quebec City Boardwalk

Siemens Mobility brings its best technologies to Quebec municipalities


Cities have a key role to play in adapting to and fighting climate change. That is why the 100th edition of the annual Congress of the Union of Quebec municipalities was a welcome opportunity for Siemens Mobility to showcase its transportation technologies that meet the environmental challenge while respecting the landscape and history of our towns and cities.


Public transit systems - and streetcars in particular - have countless benefits for communities, the environment, the economy and the history of municipalities. They enhance the well-being of residents by reducing road congestion, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. Travelling in a state-of-the-art streetcar also allows you to work, meet people or relax in a safe, sustainable, stressless manner.


Municipalities want to improve their public transit systems and adapt them to the needs of their population. At Siemens Mobility, we’ve provided cities with transportation solutions such as our hybrid trains, which operate both with and without wires.  Proven in cities with similar weather challenges to Quebec's towns and cities, Siemens Mobility's hybrid streetcars offers a sustainable transportation option that protects a city’s architectural beauty and heritage.


As policy makers consider how best to use available funds and increase transit revenues to support post-pandemic recovery, they must consider the priorities of both their citizens and their transit users. It is vitally important that we take full advantage of proven technologies and innovations to improve infrastructure, the passenger experience and the well-being of our communities. In doing so, it is also important that we make decisions today based on the needs of our current and future generations of citizens, using the best technologies at our disposal.


At Siemens Mobility we have proven, world-class technologies that prepare our municipalities for this shift to the future, now!


Written by:
Yves Desjardins Siciliano, CEO
Siemens Mobility Limited