Evolution of Canadian Cities Requires World-Class Transportation

Siemens Mobility provides proven innovation designed to preserve and evolve our Canadian cities from coast-to-coast.

Solving Canada’s unique transportation challenges with future-proof solutions

With immigration and population increases as well as the heightened climate change challenge, the need to protect, invest and advance the future of Canada’s public transportation is of upmost importance.

Siemens Mobility stands ready to provide Canadians with resilient public transit systems built with world-class innovations and local expertise. Our solutions have met global challenges across some of the world’s greatest cities and we are bringing these innovations to Canada to preserve and evolve our historic cities with proven, reliable transit.   


We are solving some of the world's most complex transportation challenges every day. From outdated infrastructure to extreme weather, Siemens Mobility is providing reliable and accessible service and sustainable solutions. 


  • More than 800 metro trains from Siemens Mobility are in operation worldwide and transport about 2.5 billion passengers per year.

  • Our products use the most innovative technologies and unique design to excel in cold and harsh winter climates. 

  • We have more than 25 years experience in 100% low-floor light rail technology, and are the North American market leader.

“Canada is ripe for a public transit transformation. There is new funding and a renewed political will. For a company like ours that can bring new technology and proven global experience, these are exciting times!”    
Insights from our Canadian CEO

Now is Canada's Time to Shine

Up for the challenge: How we meet unique local challenges as a full-service provider

We are solving some of the world's most complex transportation challenges everyday – from outdated infrastructure to extreme weather, Siemens Mobility is providing proven solutions around the globe. Our innovation and technology is transforming the world’s greatest cities, driving economic growth, providing reliable and accessible service and sustainable solutions while preserving the historic features of some of the worlds greatest cities.
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