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We, Siemens Mobility, have been a leader for seamless, sustainable, reliable and secure transport solutions for more than 160 years.

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Our core business areas are rolling stock, rail automation and electrification, turnkey systems, intelligent road solutions, as well as related services. For our customers, we are constantly innovating our portfolio.

Siemens Mobility Egypt is proud to modernize the mechanical signaling system on the Benha/Port Said and Zagazig/Abu Kebir corridors into the most modern state-of-the-art Electronic Signaling System according to the highest European safety standards (SIL-4) within the framework Egypt’s masterplan, represented by the Ministry of Transport and the Egyptian National Railways.

Benha/Port Said and Zagazig/Abu Kebir project covers total distance of 219 km and includes a Central Traffic Control (CTC) in Zagazig city, 21 main signaling buildings, 19 secondary buildings and 84 level crossings. In addition to, the modernization of the power supply and telecommunication systems according to the latest technologies. This project will improve the quality of service, increase the safety standards and reduce the headway time leading to increasing the number of trains as well as improving the overall efficiency and reliability.

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Moving beyond.

The mobility environment is being shaped by three megatrends today and in the coming decades: climate change, population growth and digitalization.

Moving beyond.

These trends demand for seamless, sustainable, reliable, and secure transport solutions to ensure a high quality of life for 9.6 billion people by 2050. And those people will aspire for seamless transport from the first to the last mile. 

Digitalization is helping us to master these trends and continuously transform the way we travel. Therefore, we are constantly innovating our portfolio in our core areas: rolling stock, rail automation and electrification, intelligent road solutions, related services, and turnkey projects, to shape the future of mobility.  

Siemens Mobility is a leader in the Egyptian mobility market since the 1960s. With our Relay interlocking systems, Automatic Train Control Systems and the state-of-the-art Electronic Interlocking systems being used and is expanding in the Egypytian National Railways from that time until today.

Siemens Mobility is proud of its history as a Mobility innovation leader in the Egyptian transportation sector.

In the early 1960s, Siemens Mobility introduced the first Relay Interlocking in Egypt on the Assiut – Sohag line of Egyptian National Railways (ENR) - In operation up-to-date-; and was the major supplier of ENR’s existing Relay Interlocking installed base on its main corridors (e.g. Cairo-Benha line and El-Manashi - Etay El-Baroud line).

We are also a longstanding and trusted partner of ENR in the introduction and development of the Automatic Train Control (ATC) ZUB systems with its various models ZUB111, ZUB212 and ZUB212plus/dual mode. 

Siemens Mobility is currently executing the Project for Modernization of Signaling Systems for Benha - Port Said line as a strategic partner of ENR in implementing its rail infrastructure modernization masterplan.

With digitalization, we enable mobility operators worldwide to…


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