Creating perfect timetables for mass transit systems

Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) solution for mass transit railways

Controlguide AIRO MT for demand-responsive transport

Providing train services exactly where and when they're needed makes cities greener, journeys seamless, passengers happy, and train operation more efficient and economical. But passengers are now scheduling their days more flexibly than ever based on personal preferences and available options for their leisure time. Therefore, to understand and predict their travel behavior and meet the probable demand with a matching timetable is a big challenge. Controlguide AIRO MT, our innovative demand-responsive transport solution for mass transit systems, offers you a new and optimized approach to preparing timetables and scheduling trains based on actual passenger demand.

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Discover the benefits of demand-responsive transport:

Sustainable timetables for a better place to live

Thanks to the DRT solution Controlguide AIRO MT, you can put an end to spending energy on empty or nearly empty train runs.


Because trains are the main energy consumers in mass transit railways, Controlguide AIRO MT allows for up to 20% energy savings by scheduling fewer trains in total – without compromising the passenger experience.


The result: lower energy consumption and costs, smaller CO2 footprint.

Optimized timetables for seamless journeys

The DRT solution Controlguide AIRO MT allows you to respond to peak times far more precisely.


You’ll avoid accumulation of passengers, cut wait time by up to 10%, and eliminate overcrowded trains, making it easier for passengers to keep a healthy distance when necessary.


The result: improved passenger experience and satisfaction.

Intelligent timetables for efficient operations

With our DRT solution Controlguide AIRO MT, you can operate a smaller fleet and ensure fewer empty train runs.


Simulations based on real-life data show savings potentials of up to 20% in trains and in train kilometers, reducing wear and tear on both infrastructure and trains.


The result: less driver time, less maintenance effort, lower spare part costs.

Smart timetabling

Innovative decision support for optimized train schedules

The unique demand-responsive transport solution Controlguide AIRO MT helps mass transit operators with the task of preparing timetables that meet the actual passenger demand on the spot. Using highly intelligent data analytics, Controlguide AIRO MT detects and predicts passenger demand and deviations from the originally planned train capacity and provides you with innovative decision support that helps modify your train timetables.

Adapt your train service to the actual demand

Our innovative DRT solution analyzes various data sources including train schedule information requests, ticket bookings, and even event bookings and weather forecasts to predict the passenger demand and changes in demand as precisely as possible. The solution uses these predictions to calculate a new timetable for each day to accommodate the predicted passenger demand.


Taking into account your specific value propositions (KPIs) like wait time, occupancy, and punctuality and the constraints of the network including crossover time, buffer time, and available trains and drivers, Controlguide AIRO MT determines an optimized train timetable one day in advance that's then executed by your Control Guide system.

Offer a safer journey experience for passengers

Complying with social distancing guidelines and making it easier to keep a safe distance at stations, platforms, and on trains is a challenge for mass transit operators. With Controlguide AIRO MT, you can optimize your resources based on the actual passenger demand while providing safe travel for all. The total number of passengers allowed can be compared with the capacity of trains, flexibly adjusted, and controlled by optimizing the timetable accordingly.

Learn more about how you can mitigate risks while operating efficiently, economically, and sustainably:


An innovative timetable solution with smart features

Thanks to its forward-looking and future-proof system design and architecture, the DRT solution Controlguide AIRO MT for mass transit railways offers many benefits and features.

Keep your mass transit operation completely under control – with System Performance Dashboard for mass transit systems

The DRT Dashboard for Controlguide AIRO MT provides mass transit operators with specific parameters when a change in passenger demand requires adjustment to the train schedule. But you can easily keep an eye on far more: Our System Performance Dashboard for mass transit visualizes all types of data collected from stations and signaling systems – including DRT. Discover how you can monitor your connected rail infrastructure and KPIs for more accurate decision-making.


Learn from experts how demand-responsive transport works

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