Rail Automation

Today more than ever, speed, reliability, and convenience are the decisive factors for ensuring the desirability of modern mass-transit railways – and therefore for their commercial success. The key to meeting these criteria is optimum line utilization through railway automation. Did you know that Siemens Mobility can commission your equipment “in service”? Train services continue to operate reliably, to your passengers’ satisfaction, and your system remains highly cost-effective.

Level Crossing Protection Systems

Safety at level crossings is vital. The level-crossing protection systems installed by Siemens are always state-of-the-art, and function safely and reliably. The Siemens systems in service throughout the world demonstrate our expertise in the area of level-crossing technology.

Electronic Interlockings

Electronic interlockings ensure that railways operate safely. They monitor and control train movements on the lines according to the operational requirements of the railway. Completely preassembled and tested interlockings, designed as modular containers, play a key role in cutting time and costs for installation and commissioning, and thereby help reduce investment costs.