Inspiro – Inspiration for city life

In order to meet the diverse demands of tomorrow’s urban public transport, we have developed a metro that sets new standards in its class. Inspiro is the new metro from Siemens bringing maximum utility through high transport capacities and low operating costs combined with the Siemens environmental benefit: energy efficiency and environmental friendliness at all stages from manufacture and daily operation to almost complete recyclability.

Inspiro – Flexible and reliable

The basic vehicle in the Inspiro platform is a six-car unit. Configurations with three to eight cars with variable degrees of motorisation and features are also possible. The interior can be fitted with side seats, rows or mixed seating. The vehicle concept was developed in accordance with the latest crash and fire protection standards and the car body has increased compressive strength. Ultramodern interior video monitoring and fire protection systems can be installed. A derailment detection system and highly sensitive door monitoring can also be provided to maximise passenger safety.

Inspiro – Tried and tested

The Inspiro platform is a product of Siemens’ wideranging experience in underground railways. Siemens metros have proved their capabilities all over the world. The new Inspiro modular vehicle concept is based on tried and tested components. Every vehicle is checked before delivery at Siemens' own Wegberg-Wildenrath test and validation centre. Particular attention was paid during development to the easy replacement of wear and spare parts. Maintenance activities can be further facilitated through the optional use of remote diagnosis, thereby increasing the availability of metro train 'sets for passenger transport.

Inspiro – Cost-effective and environmentally sound

The low operating and maintenance costs, reduced energy consumption and the use of natural and recyclable materials offer benefits for operators and the environment alike. The experience gained with the Oslo metro project, which has a certified 94.5 % recycling rate, is an integral component of the platform concept. The lightweight aluminium car structure, the new demand-controlled air conditioning and the weight-optimised chassis reduce energy consumption. The electrodynamic braking system slows the vehicle to a standstill, thus reducing noise emissions. The optional driver assistance system and the possibility of driverless operation, as a unique feature also in combination with conventional operation, guarantee the highest level of energy efficiency.

Inspiro – Extraordinary and efficient

The modern and distinctive vehicle design by the internationally award-winning Siemens partner DesignworksUSA, a subsidiary of the BMW Group, makes an immediate impression. The exterior with its dynamic front end and large windows is striking and elegant, putting a stamp on the image of the city. The Inspiro has large entrance doors and thoughtfully designed interior fittings with wide passageways that give a generous feeling of space. The innovative interior lighting system with carefully located lighting groups creates a pleasant atmosphere hitherto unseen in metro systems. Attractive appearance on its own is not sufficient, however. As an added bonus, there are no electrical or appliance cabinets in the passenger area, creating more space for travellers and enabling the operators to optimise passenger capacities. The wide entrances, optionally with outside sliding or swing plug doors, make it easier for passengers to get in and out and thus reduce the time spent by the trains at stations. More rapid transport is not only of benefit for passengers but also increases the efficiency of the vehicle fleet.

Inspiro – Innovative and practical

Instead of the usual poles and rails, Inspiro offers innovative and distinctive supports in the form of a stylised branched tree, called Lightree, which several passengers can hold on to while maintaining a comfortable distance. The Lightree also symbolises the environmental concept behind the Inspiro design, from the completely recyclable aluminium car body to the hard-wearing interior materials. The supports provided for passengers to hold onto also have large displays providing information at convenient places in the car. Known as the “Virtual Conductor”, it not only improves the qualityof passenger information, it also enhances the passenger’s sense of security. This increases public acceptance, especially among elderly persons and those with reduced mobility. These displays can also be used for advertising or entertainment. Inspiro passengers not only travel safely and comfortably, but also have the feeling that they are being well looked after. Travelling with Inspiro becomes a pleasure in its own right! Fresh off the tram but already looking forward to the next ride. That's what passengers in Warsawwill feel, for that's where the very first Inspiro units will enter service.