Avenio – fits your city.

The Avenio 100 percent low-floor tram represents Siemens' return to the tram market. With its modular concept, the Avenio fits perfectly into any town or city – including yours. You save precious investment funds on routes and infrastructure, and operate a quiet, environmentally compatible service while getting more people to their destination than with any other tram. All this while also enriching your urban landscape through the Avenio's elegant design. At the same time, you are guaranteed decades of cost-effective operation. It's all based on the unique experience of the inventor of the electric tram: Siemens.

Video: Avenio - the modern low-floor tram

The synthesis of experience and innovation.

With Avenio, Siemens presents its new 100 percent low-floor tram – thus reinventing once again the tram that it originally invented more than 130 years ago. A unique concept allows the synthesis of innovation and proven technology. The result: a trendsetting combination of comfort, low maintenance costs, optimized capacity, and reduced power consumption.

100 percent low-floor with minimum axle loads.

The Avenio's vehicle concept, with its low axle load - in fact the lowest axle load of any 100 percent low-floor trams – is the key to providing a smooth and quiet ride, even on existing routes, minimizing wear on the vehicle and rails, and minimizing power consumption. The result: City authorities save on infrastructure investment while operators save on maintenance costs. Tram drivers and passengers enjoy a high level of comfort while the environment benefits through lower CO 2 emissions.

Capacity at the highest level.

With its modular concept, the Avenio can satisfy any capacity requirement – from the compact 18-meter tram right up to the longest tram in the world. Thanks to its high passenger capacity, fast boarding and disembarking, and a speed of up to 80 km/h, even rapidly growing metropolises can handle any passenger load efficiently and ecologically.

Design meets economy and comfort.

In addition to all this, the Avenio also reconciles the requirements of design, comfort, and economy. Its elegant form, combined with the option of running without a contact line, helps to enhance the urban landscape. Its low costs for maintenance and spare parts, energy savings of up to 30 percent, and a potentially leaner vehicle fleet all add to its cost-effective operation. And that’s why, from a financial standpoint as well: Avenio – fits your city.