Smart City Vision – Movement through Innovation

The Siemens Integrated Smart Parking Solution is a modular, infrastructure-based sensor system that goes beyond the possibilities of ground sensors. Imagine a tool that allows you to effortlessly form a clear picture of where available parking spaces can be found and how long each space has been occupied for, while providing an overview of improper usage of any non-parking areas as well as nearby Bicycle and Emergency Vehicle lanes. From routing and enforcement applications to city dashboards, this detailed parking and violation information can then be accessed by various audiences, from would-be commuters and commuters to designated law enforcement personnel. And the solution does not only support parking services: from supporting traffic management to adaptive light management or retail-sponsored city services, multiple complimentary applications can be linked on a single platform to make your city “smart”, innovative and easy to navigate.

Infographic "The smart way to park"

We know what drives you! And it certainly isn’t the prospect of looking for parking or being stuck in traffic. That’s why Siemens developed a sensor-based parking system to help drivers find a parking spot quickly and effortlessly.

Actively Guide Drivers

Trip planning has never been so easy. The Siemens Integrated Smart Parking Solution keeps commuters informed effortlessly, from their point of origin to their final destination, using statistical data on current and time-of-day-based parking availability. Routing apps and on-board or infrastructure-based navigation systems reduce commuter search time and ease the traffic. The overhead, lamp-based, detection solution enables details such as vehicle size requirements to be taken into account. Parking vacancy figures can be coupled with user-valuable data such as time needed to secure a parking space and walking distance to the desired location. This results in an intelligent comparison of travel modes, encouraging use of public transport as needed.

Make informed decisions

Intelligent data collection simplifies sensible decisions on parking prices and regulations to meet your strategic targets, while allowing for detection of parking violations in a time- and cost-effective manner. You can promote adequate use of city resources by utilizing statistical and real-time information on parking vacancies to reroute vehicles. Utilizing data collection technology, electric vehicle charging infrastructures are made more profitable, immediately identifying non-charging vehicles that block the designated e-parking spots.

Upgrade your city

Use smart parking infrastructure and data for multiple applications in traffic management and beyond.
Overhead sensors can be used on a stand-alone basis or as an invisible “smart” accessory for surrounding street lights. They are complimented by ground sensors where necessary. Additionally, RFID technology is used for recognition: drawing on real-time parking-related licenses or identification data. With this powerful sensor infrastructure and communication network installed, adaptive lighting, monitoring of city equipment or emission data management are just a small step away.

Your Benefits: Traffic Made Transparent

  • Improved traffic flow / reduced congestion

  • Statistical and real-time information on parking vacancies

  • Intelligent usage of infrastructure

  • Simplified parking data collection at a reduced cost

  • Possibility of convenient cashless parking via automated up-to-the-minute billing

  • Safer traffic with efficient enforcement of illegal parking activities

  • Usage of smart parking infrastructure and data for multiple applications in and beyond traffic Management

  • Encourage the use of public transportation at times of congestion