High Speed Trainset Velaro Eurostar

for Eurostar International Ltd.

In December 2010, Eurostar International Ltd. awarded Siemens Mobility a contract for ten 16-unit high-speed trains based on the Velaro platform. From 2014, these ultramodern trains will complement the existing Eurostar fleet service in operation on the Paris-London and Amsterdam-Brussels-London lines through the Eurotunnel between the United Kingdom and the European continent.  

With an engine power of 16,000 kW, the 400 meter long multiple-unit train reaches top speeds of up to 320 km/h. The high flexibility of its interior equipment and the seating capacity enable a high standard of comfort for up to 950 passengers. The new multiple-unit trains are also equipped with innovative communications and entertainment systems which will provide passengers with Internet on board and video on demand. 

The youngest member of the Velaro platform family opens a new chapter of a great success story: after Spain, China and Russia, the Velaro finally returned to Europe as the Velaro D in revenue service for Deutsche Bahn. The Velaro has now been given preference again: In future it will be in service for Eurostar on the most beautiful and prestigious links between the capital cities of London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. 

The contract awarded by Eurostar also includes the conversion of Temple Mills in London in order to be able to carry out maintenance jobs for the new vehicles at this UK depot. Also included: a ten-year contract for support in the fields of maintenance and repair and spare parts.  

The manufacturing of the first bodyshells started in July 2011 – seven months after signing the contract. The first half-train is scheduled for commissioning at the Wegberg-Wildenrath Test Center from the third quarter of 2012.


Type Velaro
Year of construction 2012-2014
Number of cars per train 16
Voltage system

AC 25 kV / 50 Hz
DC 1.5 kV

Maximum speed [km/h]


Track gauge [mm]


Number of seats 894-950
traction power [kW] 16,000
Numbers built