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Controlguide TMS in the digital age

TMS allows for the seamless management of railway traffic

Rail operators are faced with a growing urban population and an associated demand for increased train availability. High throughput of trains must be managed while ensuring optimal utilisation of the existing infrastructure. Controlguide Iltis N provides a highly reliable and available solution for this challenge by  processing timetables automatically. With Controlguide TMS, the customer can leverage digitalisation to further optimise the usage of the railway infrastructure. 


Controlguide TMS is a Traffic Management System (TMS) that optimises traffic by precisely detecting and resolving conflicts ahead of time as well as implementing train timetables in a highly automated manner. TMS is an extension of Iltis N and offers an innovative solution to railway traffic control.

Best of class solutions united for our customers’ convenience


Controlguide TMS extends Iltis N with the Online Planning System TPS Online. Iltis N and TPS Online are both specialists in automation and conflict detection/resolution, respectively. Both solutions are at the forefront of digitalisation and are now unified to provide the customer with unique added value. 


Controlguide TMS is a fully integrated TMS from one source that provides our customer with a seamless railway traffic management system.

Precise forecasting and conflict detection/resolution as well as the highest level of  automation to ensure comprehensive traffic control


Controlguide TMS precisely forecasts the run times of trains to enable the early detection and resolution of conflicts. Forecasting is based on the Online Production Plan (OnPP) - the operating train timetable used for automation - and train positions. Infrastructure/traction constraints such as track work or temporary speed restrictions as well as train dependencies can be created and managed within TMS to provide forecasts as precisely as possible.


The resolution of detected conflicts can be conducted automatically, semi-automatically, and manually. The OnPP is continuously modified when new conflicts arise and is forwarded to the Automatic Route Setting functionality (ARS). ARS then implements the conflict-free OnPP  autonomously. This high level of automation allows operators to focus where intervention is necessary.

High level of ergonomics and intuitive control of rail operation


Controlguide TMS‘s ergonomic multi-screen capability supports the operator in an optimal way. Detailed views of stations and areas, as well as Train Graphs, topology/infrastructure information and other views are highly customisable. They can be aligned side-by-side in an integrated HMI, which can be accessed by a single sign-on. This provides the operator with easy control access and a transparent overview of operation at all times.

TMS enables easy maintenance and optimises Obsolescence Management


TMS has a modular design and its architecture is based on a Client/Server approach. The operator has flexible access to all interlockings from every workstation. This ensures a flexible system with high scalability and availability. 


TMS runs on a consolidated platform which enables easy maintenance and optimises Obsolescence  Management.

Servers within TMS are virtualised to lose the linkage between the operating system and hardware. This allows more cost effective maintenance.

Benefits of Controlguide TMS

Precise conflict detection/resolution and highly automatic implementation of timetables

Integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI) enables single point access with all necessary information at one glance

Optimised Obsolescence Management and maintenance through the consolidation of hardware

Controlguide TMS is a flexible system with high scalability and availability

Controlguide TMS offers an extension of Controlguide Iltis N to a full scale Traffic Management System

Digital Portfolio

Iltis Digital Portfolio

The digitalisation of the railway environment is an opportunity to supply innovative solutions to our customers. We are at the forefront of digitalisation and deliver highest quality products that support our customers amidst the increasing complexity in the digital age.

Iltis as a Service (ILaaS)

Iltis Functionalities from the Cloud. The most efficient Iltis solution for increasing requirements. A Controlguide that is always up to date. Please find out more on the product page.

Iltis Web Services (IWS)

Iltis Web Services enable you to display Iltis detail views, logging, and the message manager on any devices you choose and thus keep an eye on your operating situation everywhere and at any time. 

TrackOps Depot

TrackOps Depot is a solution integrated in our Iltis traffic management system that enables local control of depot areas. By using mobile devices, staff in the depot area can view the operational state of depot tracks and set shunting routes directly on site.

Iltis Network Monitoring System (Iltis NMS)

Optimal solution for Iltis network performance monitoring.

  • In railway operation it is critical to ensure enough network capacity to enable communication of components with minimal latency.
  • The increasing magnitude and complexity of IT infrastructures exacerbate transparency regarding network activity. Iltis NMS is the optimal solution for network performance monitoring.
  • Network failures, bandwidth bottlenecks are identified and revealed.
  • Response times are recorded and thresholds that are violated are revealed.
  • Log information of network switches is recorded.
  • Our customers can reduce costs by minimizing network failures through anticipation of disturbances.
  • Siemens Mobility enables a transparent overview of network performance.

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