Controlguide Iltis TMS

Traffic Management Systems (TMS)

Today, metropolitan areas are in a global competition for expertise and investment. Transport is a key factor to improve and to sustain the productivity of urbanised regions. Mobility serves communities, connects them to opportunities and increases the quality of life. We see our business as a contributor to this bigger picture. At Siemens, we are passionate about transport and delivering a world class Traffic Management Systems (TMS) solution to our customers. Our solution is Controlguide Iltis TMS. Iltis TMS is the intelligent solution for the efficient management of rail traffic. With a single system it is possible to operate the entire rail infrastructure centrally and flexibly. Iltis TMS can be easily and seamlessly integrated into existing systems. The flexible architecture of Iltis TMS allows easy extensions and adaptations. 

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From Iltis N to Iltis TMS

Controlguide Iltis TMS is the natural progression of Controlguide Iltis N – an operations control system that has proven itself over two decades in one of the densest rail networks in the world. Iltis TMS enables a comprehensive approach to Traffic Management.

Benefits of Iltis TMS

Iltis Digital Portfolio

The digitalisation of the railway environment is an opportunity to supply innovative solutions to our customers. We are at the forefront of digitalisation and deliver highest quality products that support our customers amidst the increasing complexity in the digital age.
Iltis MNS

Iltis Network Monitoring System (Iltis NMS)



  • In railway operation it is critical to ensure enough network capacity to enable communication of components with minimal latency.
  • The increasing magnitude and complexity of IT infrastructures exacerbate transparency regarding network activity. Iltis NMS is the optimal solution for network performance monitoring




  • Network failures, bandwidth bottlenecks are identified and revealed
  • Response times are recorded and thresholds that are violated are revealed
  • Log information of network switches is recorded



  • Our customers can reduce costs by minimizing network failures through anticipation of disturbances
  • Siemens enables a transparent overview of network performance


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