iltis web services

Controlguide® Iltis Web Services

Keeping an eye on Iltis everywhere and at any time

Efficient and location-independent situation analysis

Our Iltis Web Services enable you to display Iltis detail views, logging, and the message manager on any devices you choose and thus keep an eye on your operating situation everywhere and at any time. We have been successfully providing our view service (detail views) since the end of 2017, and now around 40% of Switzerland’s private operators use this service through our cloud solutions.

For example, our Iltis Web Services allow you to use a standard internet browser on a tablet or smartphone to view your Iltis detail view ‘live’ or in ‘replay’ mode (going back up to 30 days), and analyze your operating situation no matter where you are.


To ensure that access to this information is secure, you can create profiles with varying functionality and privileges in the user administration.


Our Iltis Web Services facilitate communication between maintenance and dispatcher and also enable efficient and location-independent analysis of operating situations.

Web Services

Benefits of Iltis Web Services at a glance

  • Management support (quick overview of operating situation)
  • Location-independent analysis of operating situation data from the past 30 days
  • Improved failure detection enables speedy implementation of measures
  • Analysis of unusual operating situations 
  • All users can access the relevant information at the right time and in the right place
  • Support for service and standby staff
  • Scalable in line with the company’s growth – Easy account opening for new IWS users