Wayside Signaling Interlockings


Interlockings ensure safety. They check that rail sections are free, determine routes, and provide information on movement requests and train speeds. With the Trackguard portfolio, Siemens Mobility supplies modern, compliant interlocking solutions for all needs. 
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Outdoor ECC

Outdoor Element Control Computer

Outdoor ECC for Simis IS in Switzerland

An outdoor ECC was developed for the Swiss market and introduced for the first time in August 2018 on the Appenzeller Railways.


The Outdoor ECC is a locker with interlocking components, namely the integrated ECC (= Element Control Computer) for controlling the field elements.


In terms of the system, the Outdoor ECC is to be considered as a decentralized ECC, which is connected to the interlocking by means of a communication architecture (e.g. ring-shaped with sinet). This enables new decentralized interlocking architectures.


The Outdoor ECC locker with the interlocking components is located at the track and no longer in a building or technical cabin.


Siemens Interlockingas a Service (SIaaS)

Siemens Interlocking as a Service (SIaas)

Siemens Mobility sees great potential in the field of digitalization (especially in cloud computing).


After the successful launch of control systems in the cloud (ILaaS: Iltis as a Service) at Gornergratbahn, we are now also offering the interlocking in the cloud.


For the first time, it has been proven that an interlocking system can be operated in a secure manner from a Siemens Mobility location via a public data network.


Interlocking systems running in the cloud have several advantages:


  • Reduction of hardware costs through shared use of several railways
  • Reduced space requirement in technical rooms
  • Easier implementation of software updates
  • Diagnosis and data analysis (e.g. predictive maintenance)


A "proof of concept" has been realized at the Appenzeller Bahnen 

Stellwerk Trackguard

More interlocking solutions

The Trackguard product family consists of various interlocking solutions that are used around the world. Shared hardware components as well as research and development contribute to all solutions - especially in terms of cost savings and technical progress.