Siemens Infrastructure Monitoring (SiMON)

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Siemens Infrastructure Monitoring

Siemens Infrastructure Monitoring (SiMON) gives a central overview of the entire infrastructure by remotely monitoring all of your assets.
  • Central overview of the entire infrastructure
  • Central alarm in the case of a system malfunction
  • Rapid troubleshooting in the event of an incident which in turn decreases the “mean time to repair”
  • Clear and unambiguous communication between the different stakeholder (e.g. operator, maintainer and product manager)
  • Remote control of non safety-relevant assets (e.g. lifts, light, etc)
  • SCADA Based solution allowing for modular upgrades
  • On premise as well as on the cloud
  • Available for desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Vendor agnostic allowing for the monitoring of systems from different suppliers
  • Overview of the entire infrastructure
  • Monitoring and control  of assets in remote areas
  • Central Data collection plattform serving as a «single source of truth»
  • Modular and vendor agnostic solution allowing for the incremental integration of various systems 
  • Reduction of delay-related costs and improved punctuality thanks to the reduced mean time to repair
  • Streamlined Processes thanks to clear and better communication
  • Possibility of starting with the SiMON-Base module and upgrading modularly with additional features.
  • Leveraging Data for more efficient operations
  • SBB (Swiss Federal Railways): monitoring and remote control of the Gotthard Base Tunnel and the Ceneri Base Tunnel
  • Matterhord-Gotthard Bahn: monitoring of the whole signalling infrastructure
  • Transports publics lausannois: monitoring and remote control of the Lausanne-Echallens-Bercher Tunnel