Wayside signaling

Sigmaguard® LED-ZS

Retrofittable and long lifetime.
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Sigmaguard LED ZS

LED dwarf signal

Retrofit and long lifetime

Incandescent bulbs have a relatively short life and need to be replaced regularly, which results in high maintenance costs. In addition, incandescent bulbs are gradually disappearing from the market. In response, Siemens Mobility AG has developed a cost-effective, maintenance-free solution for LED retrofitting for the Swiss market: Sigmaguard LED ZS


Sigmaguard LED ZS is approved for the following interlocking systems in Switzerland:

  • Domino 67
  • Simis W
  • Simis IS
  • Thales Elektra 2


sigmaguard signals for railways

Further solutions for railway signals

Our comprehensive signal portfolio is based on proven and standardized components. This enables us to offer excellent solutions that can be further adapted to specific customer requirements.