Point operating system

Reliable point operating systems for external and internal locking allow for increased train throughput and operational safety.  
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Operating Point Systems

Pawl lock

Pawl lock CKA12

The Siemens Mobility pawl locks are based on the worldwide proven CKA 12 with an installed base of more than 75'000 units. Pawl lock CKA 12 offer the following advantages:


Efficient installation due to the absence of rail drilling, minimal maintenance due to intelligent choice of materials, easy to maintain due to its modular design and suitable for all common rail profiles and numerous special applications. Pawl Lock CKA 12 is approved for speeds up to 300 km/h.


Efficiency and reliability thanks to continuous improvements  of a proven concept.


Installed base

  • More than 75 000 units
  • in DE, CH, NO, NL, AT, LU
  • Malaysia, Thailand,Taiwan, Hongkong
  • EBA approved, Q1 supplier, HPQ

Pawl lock CKJ für UIC Profile

Main features CKJ

  • Suitable for all rail profiles (UIC, AREMA, BS)
  • Tried and tested pawl lock concept
  • Compact design and pre-assembly in the factory
  • Easy on-site assembly without special tools
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • High reliability
  • Reduction of the variety of spare parts
Digital Point operation System

Additional Point operating system

Get the most from your points. Further information on point operating systems, point machines and point diagnosis systems can be found on the product overview page.