Track Vacancy Detection Systems

Track vacancy detection Clearguard UGSK3

Siemens Mobility track circuits offer precise and reliable track vacancy detection.
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Track circuit

Track Vacancy Detection Clearguard UGSK3

Clearguard UGSK3 as an enhancement of UGSK 95

The Clearguard UGSK3 is the redesigned, next-generation version of our UGSK 95 solution, which is widely used in Switzerland, and draws on decades of experience. The UGSK3 is a high-performance, modular system based on FPGA technology that allows easy programming of the operating frequency, transmission power and further functions. The parallel interface to the interlocking can be used both for relay and electronic interlockings alike. Thanks to the UGSK3’s special features, only one insulated rail joint is required between the track sections. As such, with continuous earth rails Z bonds are no longer required.

Clearguard UGSK3 - Monitoring and Diagnostic

With reliable transmission of information, our universal track circuit Clearguard UGSK3 ensures a cost-effective operation.

The particular operating states can be read directly from the device. Furthermore, the history of events can be called up on a diagnostic unit using a PC either on-site or via the network using the system’s Ethernet interface.

Customers and installed base

Customer in Switzerland

  • SBB: 3000 km railway network, 1435 mm gauge, 4400 UGSK 3 / UGSK 95 in use
  • 45 private Swiss railway companies 2000 km railway network, ~1500 km narrow gauge 3200 UGSK 3 / UGSK 95 in use

Customer in Egypt  (Egypt National Railways - ENR)

  • 1200 UGSK 3 in operation / rollout (Cairo-Alex line)
  • 1200 UGSK 3 rollout phase (Benha-Port Said line)
  • 1600 UGSK 3 rollout phase (Asyut-Nagh Hammadi line)
track circuit Clearguard

Further track circuit solutions from Siemens Mobility

Siemens Mobility remote-fed, audio-frequency track circuits are used for accurate free/occupied status indications of the track section. Widely installed, this technology is recognized as reliable and robust by more than 170 customers. It can be installed in operation with all types of electrification systems and all railway applications (e.g. mainline, metro, rapid transit).