Siemens Mobility at InnoTrans 2022

September 20 – 23, 2022, Messe Berlin hub27 and outdoor area
The future of rail has arrived

Destination Digital

In 2022, we’re ready to take the next step: making digital solutions part of today’s reality.

Rail is seen as the game-changer in combating climate change.

Will we manage it?


We are confident we can! In order to cope with the growing demand for rail, you don’t necessarily need to make large investments in new infrastructure. Improving your existing one may be even more effective. Digital technologies, services and innovations enable greater availability, more punctuality and better utilization of train capacity, which benefits both rail operators and customers.


That’s why this year’s motto is “Destination Digital”. We want to share insights and innovations with you for a more sustainable, convenient and comfortable way of travel.


Join us on our journey to InnoTrans 2022.

InnoTrans 2022: An outlook

Provide sustainable, comfortable and cost-effective rail traffic

Digitization holds the key to smart rail infrastructure, smart trains and smart services that ensure maximum process efficiency. This can be achieved by expanding the existing infrastructure through digital upgrade.

Optimized lifecycle costs

Platform technologies offer advantages for connecting the real with the digital world as our trains and infrastructure solutions come with built-in connectivity and services that can be activated on-demand. This new generation of intelligence enhances the experience and safety for your passengers and staff, while reducing costs and accidents, and delivering higher added value to your rail assets.

All our trains and infrastructure solutions come with built-in connectivity, applications and services that can be switched on and configured as needed by the customer. This powerful new generation of Digital Train Solutions lets operators quickly implement a wide range of train functions, e.g. to enhance passenger and staff safety, reduce costs, avoid accidents, save energy or simply get the most value of their rail assets.

Learn more about digital train solutions

Drivers are not always able to react on time. That’s why we offer the built-in intelligence of assisted and driverless train operation. The system combines sensors and data analytics technology to automatically perceive the train’s surroundings and trigger corresponding actions. The result is greater safety and flexibility, as well as improved capacity and energy efficiency.


Learn more about Assisted and Driverless Train Operation

Ultimate availability

As trains are equipped for the digital future, the demand for holistic digital asset management for rail systems increases. This transformation enables a shift from reactive response and maintenance to data-driven decisions that increase the capacity and availability of entire fleets.

Through intelligent use of rail data, Railigent® generates valuable information to optimize maintenance and operations for rail systems.

For example: already during the operation of the vehicles, diagnostic and sensor data are continuously recorded in the train to enable predictive maintenance in the depot. This reduces maintenance efforts up to 50%. and unplanned downtimes by 30-50%.

Learn more about Railigent

No more unnecessary stops in depots. Already during the operation, trains are monitored for condition-based and predictive maintenance to define and plan necessary measures. In the depot, maintenance planning and execution are optimized according to lean principles for shortest throughput times and sustainable resource usage. All spare parts available through high-speed delivery or 3D printing. This integrated approach reduces up to 20-50% maintenance costs and ensures up to 100% system availability.


Learn more about Digital Depot

Balancing performance, costs, and risks of rail systems isn’t an easy task. That’s why we’re offering AI-based decision support: With our data-driven asset performance management and asset investment planning tools, you can optimize your rail systems’ lifecycle costs and renewal strategies while increasing their availability and operational efficiency. With that you can maximize the value from your rail assets over their entire lifecycle.


Learn more about Digital Asset Management

Maximized throughput

Passenger and freight traffic are growing faster than our rail network. By moving existing rail infrastructure to the cloud, throughput on existing lines can be increased. At the same time, energy consumption decreases and operations become more sustainable. 

Moving infrastructure to the cloud means an entirely digitally networked rail infrastructure controlled from a single place, a single data center. While trains will report their position directly to this central system, axle counters, track circuits, and signals will disappear. Interlockings and radio block center will permanently reside in the cloud. This increases punctuality thanks to highest availability, reduces hardware costs, and ensures future-proof infrastructure investments.

Learn more about infrastructure in the cloud

ATO uses data from infrastructure, track and train schedule information to calculate the ideal speed profile for current conditions at any given time. Up to 30% more throughput on shared tracks, more energy-efficient train operation, and improved punctuality:  ATO over ETCS boosts the overall efficiency of mainline, freight, and regional rail traffic.


Learn more about ATO over ETCS

Smart cities use technology to solve urban problems. And our CBTC solutions helps solve the mobility challenge that many cities are facing with greater train automation. Innovative solutions are needed to make cities a better place to live. 100% punctuality, maximum network capacity, energy savings of up to 20%, while decreasing headways and ensuring the highest safety possible – that can become your reality with our CBTC (Communications-Based Train Control) solution, Trainguard MT.

Learn more about CBTC

Optimized customer processes

At the same time, software solutions will be a game-changer for operators, delivering improved utilization, availability and interoperability. Meanwhile, your customers can benefit from a seamless travel experience from first to last mile. Mobility becomes a service.

Successful integration for a seamless passenger experience

Smart applications can make it easy and convenient for all stakeholders to find their individual way through the mobility jungle and access the available means of mobility. Intelligent journey planning, seamless integration of ticketing and booking as well as big data analytics combined in flexible and secure MaaS platforms make it possible and empower an efficient intermodal mobility –  for the benefit of travelers and operators alike.  


Learn more about our MaaS solutions 

Siemens Mobility's partner Sqills has developed “S3 Passenger”, an outstanding and scalable platform that enables rail and bus operators to replace their legacy reservation systems with a state-of-the-art, online booking system that increases the utilization and availability of passenger transportation.


Learn more about S3 passenger

Our Software Solutions for effective Timetable Planning and Dispatching

Our TPS Suite provides a comprehensive range of products that support you in all aspects of timetabling and capacity management.

From long-term planning to real-time train disposition, from staff planning to fleet management: Infrastructure managers and train operating companies benefit from our flexible TPS solutions that can be tailored to your needs.

Learn more about our TPS Suite

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