Intertraffic 2021

March 23 - 26, 2021 | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Hall 12, Booth 202
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Welcome to Intertraffic 2021

Smarter ways. It's your city.

Mobility is undergoing a massive transformation. We are on the threshold to the next mobility revolution. With new developments in the field of shared autonomous mobility, old approaches are coming up against their limits. This is not the only reason why the field of road transport keeps generating new questions that require new answers. So we are supporting cities to actively shape the mobility world instead of simply responding to changing conditions. The aim is to become carbon neutral and turn urban areas into places where we can breathe deeply again. With our solutions we are contributing to more attractive and livable cities for this and coming generations. This is what we call making #infrastructure intelligent.


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Intelligent mobility solutions for livable cities.

Traffic Management

With the integration of Aimsun Live to our advanced traffic management system Sitraffic Concert now simulates and evaluates response plans for their effectiveness, as well as environmental impacts using third-party environmental models, before deployment. This will be implemented for the first time in Wiesbaden to support operators in traffic incident as well as environmental management.


We hope to have the speeches planned for 2020 also in 2021. As soon as we know, you will find the information here. In the meantime feel free to click through the official programme of Intertraffic.
Link to official programme of Intertraffic Amsterdam

Programme overview

Speeches planned for Intertraffic 2020

Mobility Operating System: how cities can (re)gain control of their transportation and mobility

Speaker: Dr. Max Eichhorn 


Find more information about the Mobility Operating System in the Highlight-Video above.

Accelerating uptake of shared autonomous mobility through infrastructure support

Speaker: Kunal Chandra


Find more information about our vision for Shared Autonomous Mobility  in the Highlight-Video above.

Environmental oriented traffic management by modeling, data analysis and intermodal services

Speaker: Dr. Jan Kätker (VMZ GmbH Berlin) und Dr. Daniel Hobohm (Siemens Mobility GmbH) 


Find more information about our Digital and Customer Services in the Highlight-Video above.

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