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June 4-7, 2019 | Messe München, Germany                                                                            Hall B6, Booth 213 & Outdoor Area, Track 2/6
Welcome to transport logistic 2019!

“Shaping connected mobility” – more efficient solutions for freight transport and logistics

The trend is unbroken: Growing volumes of goods are being produced and transported worldwide. It’s estimated that international freight volumes will increase nearly fourfold by 2050 – while also increasing related carbon dioxide emissions. To master this challenge, we need to improve the management of capacities and logistics chains, provide more alternative and multimodal connections, and accelerate the shift of freight transport from road to rail in order to reduce environmental impact.


The goal is not only to enable individual transport modes to play an appropriate role in the overall system, but also to ensure a practical and efficient interaction of all transport systems that meets the growing demands of all users and improves the quality and competitiveness of transport. To achieve this, Siemens offers pioneering solutions that will help you transport goods faster, more reliably, more efficiently and in a more eco-friendly way.


We’d like to introduce these solutions to you at this year’s transport logistic in Munich. They include our flexible and energy-efficient locomotives as well as digital innovations that enable all stakeholders in the transport chain to guarantee availability, make trains and infrastructures intelligent, and increase efficiency and value sustainably over the entire lifecycle and finally, solutions that support a further shift to more environmentally friendly, rail-bound transport systems.


We would enjoy discussing with you how you, too, can benefit from our rail transport solutions. Welcome to transport logistic 2019! We look forward to your visit to our exhibitions in Hall 6, Booth 213 as well as in the outdoor area, track 2/6.  


Our exhibition themes

Vectron Dual Mode

Vectron Dual Mode – the best of two worlds

The Vectron Dual Mode can be operated both as a diesel and an electric locomotive. On electrified rail lines, the new locomotive runs exclusively on electricity to save fuel and reduce maintenance costs. On stretches without overhead lines, the locomotive switches to diesel operation. The Vectron Dual Mode enables you to sustain value creation over the locomotive’s entire lifecycle. The locomotive is designed for freight transport in Germany and will be premiered to a broad trade audience in the outdoor exhibition area at transport logistic.


More about Vectron Dual mode


Vectron – the locomotive that opens new potential

Vectron is the locomotive platform designed for Europe-wide international rail transport. Focused on efficiently and cost-effectively solving every kind of hauling job, Vectron offers technical flexibility and economic planning security over the long term as well. In addition, Vectron is being continually evolved and is therefore always kept state-of-the-art. As a market-oriented, customizable locomotive, Vectron is the ideal solution for all those who want to – and must – meet their needs both today and well into the future. Get aboard – and discover the locomotive that opens new potential! 


More about Vectron


Smartron – the standard freight locomotive at attractive conditions

An interesting alternative – Smartron: One version, one contract, one price! The features offered by this locomotive are precisely tailored to a specific task: transporting freight within Germany. The clever Smartron business model combines the advantages of a standard product with the proven platform technology of the Vectron. The result: optimally adapted and focused performance at attractive conditions.   


More about Smartron


Railcover: Guaranteed availability – always and everywhere

Innovative service solutions – tailored to your specific requirements – are essential for ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of your locomotives. That’s why our Railcover service concept offers a wide range of support, maintenance and material modules which can be individually combined to meet your special needs. Another convincing service: Our condition-based maintenance, which assists you in precisely planning your component-level maintenance activities.


More about Railcover

Controlguide CTmobile

Controlguide CTmobile – intelligent infrastructure for greater efficiency and safety

Controlguide CTmobile developed by Siemens for the wireless transmission of sensor data in rolling stock ensures greater efficiency and safety for freight transport by optimizing rolling stock disposition and monitoring. Sensors in a freight car monitor a variety of conditions during operation – such as the quantity of freight, interior humidity or status of the doors – and transmit this information to the CTmobile basis component in the car, where the data is evaluated in real time. This generated information is then compiled by the CTcentral software platform to provide a complete overview of the current location and conditions of the respective car.     


More about Controlguide CTmobile

Controlguide Rail Ressource Management

Controlguide Rail Resource Management – managing marshalling yards efficiently

The comprehensive planning and scheduling system Controlguide Rail Resource Management ensures smooth operation from small to large service facilities by providing early detection of conflict situations while offering the capability to handle schedule changes flexible. As a modular planning and scheduling system allowing flexible reactions on volatile request from service facilities, Controlguide Rail Resource Management communicates with external systems such as announcement or train running information systems as well as with accounting systems. Intelligent interface management and the early visualization of conflicts reduces wrong decisions, simplifies administrative and manual activities and increases the quality and efficiency of operations. The application is based on modern cloud technology while utilizing Microservice Patterns.

TPS Online

TPS Online – Optimized rail traffic management

TPS Online supports you in optimally using existing networks, rolling stock and personnel resources. For efficient operations, fast response times that ensure flexible rescheduling are a must. As a real-time traffic management system (TMS), TPS Online closes the gap between short-term planning and purely ad-hoc dispositions. When a disposition has been made, previews are automatically updated. As operating functions become more intelligent, the response times for making rescheduling are continually reduced – to the point where full automation is a possibility. 


More about TPS Online

TPS Ad-hoc Requests

TPS Ad-hoc Requests – simple and flexible rail transport planning  

In addition to determining the suitability and availability of personnel and rolling stock resources, route planning and ordering is especially important for planning transport, especially for so-called ad-hoc route orders which account for most freight route orders. By quickly, conveniently and reliably gathering all the necessary information and supporting speedy responses from the infrastructure manager, the TPS Ad-hoc Requests route inquiry and ordering platform improves the effectiveness of your overall process.


More about TPS Ad-Hoc Requests

ETA Management Platform

ETA Management Platform – for optimized intermodal operation

The ETA Management Platform determines the estimated time of arrival (ETA) based on real-time position data from various sources and serves as an international real-time monitoring system. Among other factors, the platform considers interim handling times as well as previously announced delays in incoming and outgoing traffic and compares different forecasting models. The system permanently checks the accuracy of the calculated ETA, which is essential for optimizing operations. The real-time archive of the standard product HAFAS Smart VMS, on which the ETA Management Platform is based, can also be used for a wide range of business analytics.

Rail Facility Portal

Rail Facility Portal – All detailed information from a single source

Efficient planning of rail-based transport chains requires access to reliable, up-to-date and detailed information about the various network access points and available facilities. The Rail Facility Portal is based on the pilot portal, which was developed under the leadership of HaCon for the European Commission. In the future, it will provide a central database for all relevant information about European rail service facilities and providers.

HAFAS Freight

HAFAS Freight – from searching connections to transport planning 

Increasingly scarcer resources and transport capacities call for a better marketing of existing transport operations and for the integration of rail transport as a fixed factor in intermodal transport. HaCon’s intelligent algorithms that empower multimodal trip planners worldwide, are used in the logistics market to generate intermodal connection information and to prepare offers that include seaport hinterland transport.


How Digitalization is evolving intelligent rail infrastructure

Trends and solutions for tomorrow’s connected rail transportation.


Munich Trade Fair, Hall B6, Booth 213 and on outdoor tracks 2/6

transport logistic 2019

Visit us in Halll B6 at booth 213 and on outdoor tracks 2/6. We look forward to seeing you.

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