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Discover how digital trends are shaping the future of mobility at our hybrid event in cooperation with Railway Gazette. And experience the technologies by Siemens Mobility that are driving this transformation.

A deep dive into mobility and #Digitalization

Our hybrid event focused on the challenges facing the railway industry and how digitalization will enable rapid modernization. Some of the highlights that await you:

  • Get insights on key digital trends and solutions such as automated train operation, rail asset management, cybersecurity and more.
  • See the impact digitalization can have on reducing costs, increasing throughput and achieving 100% rail system availability.
  • Get inspiration on the solutions to help you stay ahead of the game and keep up with passengers’ needs, overcome infrastructure constraints and manage operations efficiently.

The event begins with a look at the main areas of infrastructure, rolling stock and cybersecurity, then dives deep into specific solutions driving the rail and mobility industry to the next level of modernization.



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Global Transport Sector Insight Report 

Digitalization has taken a big step forward in the last two years – both in terms of expectations and also in terms of implementation. 

We asked 108 global executives active in road and rail what they think about new technologies and digitalization. Download the study and get the insights. 


Overview of our sessions

For the 90 minutes event, our host Sally Eaves is joined by Devina Pasta (CDO Siemens Mobility) and together they navigate you through highly relevant topics that are disrupting our industry, challenging the way we move and meeting new passenger needs as well as highlight ways to master these challenges.

In over a total 90 minutes we offer you a variety of virtual sessions with different topics of focus. You can visit each slot independently and plan your participation according to your interests. Just have a look at our agenda.



The first half of the event is focusing on cutting edge insights and the potential impact of digitalization on the three key areas of intelligent infrastructure, smart trains and holistic rail cybersecurity. Also take a look behind the scenes, and learn how our production facility in Krefeld is digitalized.


15 minute break: Railway Gazette & guests halftime analysis. Feel free to join that discussion and stay in the stream!


The second half is all about inspiring you how to generate real business impact with multiple sessions, concretely demonstrating how digital solutions can boost your business and create unique opportunities.

Digitalization has taken a big step forward in the last two years – both in terms of expectations and also in terms of implementation. What are the challenges and trends and which technologies have the greatest potential to improve the transportation sector?

Digitalization and cloud transformation are moving railways into the future. Learn how an intelligent infrastructure can meet today’s challenges by improving capacity, throughput, reliability and punctuality, as well as optimizing costs and energy efficiency, e.g. with solutions like ATO and digital interlocking. Intelligent infrastructure stands for pioneering transportation, delivered to you sustainably and seamlessly from the cloud.

How can rail operators reach 100% availability, optimize their business and create better life cycle management? With trains equipped with cloud-connected sensors and a solution like Railigent. This enables operators to receive AI-powered recommendations, e.g. to make repairs before a breakdown occurs (predictive maintenance) or to increase productivity with a digital depot.

How is the approach to cybersecurity different when it comes to rolling stock? Leading experts from Siemens Mobility discuss the issues surrounding cybersecurity threats to smart transportation solutions: a long-term process of analyzing and counteracting a constantly changing threat landscape. Learn how to stay ahead of the potential risks and keep your operations safe.

Moving infrastructure to the cloud, meaning an entirely digitally networked rail infrastructure controlled out of one place, one data center. Trains will report their position directly to the central system. Axle counters, track circuits, and signals will disappear. Interlockings and radio block center will permanently reside in the cloud. That increases punctuality due to highest availability, reduces hardware costs and offers future-proof infrastructure investment

Increasing capacity while optimizing existing networks is today’s challenge for railway operators. Driver advisory and automation technologies can achieve significant increases in track capacity, depending on the selected optimization criteria. ATO over ETCS boosts the performance of your railway network by reducing headway enabling enhanced time table stability and ensuring energy-efficient driving.

Equip your trains with a new generation of intelligence. Siemens Mobility offers you a wide range of smart applications for Digital Train Operations that support you to enhance the experience and safety for your passengers and staff, help you to reduce costs and avoid accidents, and provide you with more value from your rail assets. Siemens Mobility Digital Train Operations are made to meet the transport challenges of tomorrow. 

Through intelligent use of rail data, Railigent® generates valuable information to optimize maintenance and operations for rail systems. For example: already during the operation of the vehicles, diagnostic and sensor data are continuously  recorded in the train to enable predictive maintenance in the depot. This reduces maintenance efforts up to 50%. and unplanned downtimes by 30-50%.

Balancing performance, costs, and risks of rail systems according to ISO 55001 isn’t an easy task for asset owners, asset stewards, maintainers, and operators of rolling stock and rail infrastructure. That’s why we’re offering intelligent support for improved decision-making: With our data-driven asset performance management and asset inventment planning tools, you can optimize your rail systems’ lifecycle costs and renewal strategies and maximize their availability and operational efficiency.

Rail operators face new cybersecurity threats and new laws which define new requirements for cybersecurity. Our expert gives an overview on how a number of products can be integrated into one holistic security approach to secure rail networks from end to end.

Learn more about our moderator Sally Eaves 

Dr. Sally Eaves

Senior Policy Advisor at the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research

  • Forbes, CTO and AI/Cyber/Cloud/Blockchain and CSR Strategic Adviser
  • Professor of Emergent Technology International Speaker and Author
  • Senior Policy Advisor, Global Foundation for Cyber Studies & Research
  • United Nations Advanced Technology and Social Impact Leadership
  • Founder and CEO of Aspirational Futures

Meet our Siemens Mobility speakers

Devina Pasta

Head of Digital, Technology, Innovation & Strategy, Siemens Mobility 

Devina is passionate about bringing together the digital and industrial world, enabling countries and cities to move towards smarter and more efficient mobility, infrastructure and energy systems.

She has over 15 years of experience in implementing automation and data-driven solutions and services in the mobility, manufacturing and energy industries. Transforming these industries, not only through technology, but also through culture, people and mindset is what drives her.

Gaya Venkataraman

Head of Strategy & Business Development, Rail Infrastructure, Siemens Mobility

Gaya is heading Strategy for the Rail Infrastructure business of Siemens Mobility. She is an Automation Engineer and an MBA from INSEAD with 15 years of experience increasing productivity and operational efficiency for industrial and rail customers. Over these years, Gaya has developed a firm belief that the mobility of the future will be shared, seamless and multimodal with a strong public transit infrastructure as a backbone. In her words: "An efficient transport infrastructure brings people together, connects jobs with workforce and has a profound impact on how we interact as a society." The ability to touch people's lives in such meaningful ways and to contribute to their wellbeing is what drives Gaya in her job.

Gerhard Paal

Head of Sales for Digital Services

Gerhard has worked over 15 years in the field of IT and Telecommunication for Siemens and Nokia, where he was responsible for Billing and Charging Systems.
Since 2015 he is heading the Sales of Digital Services within Mobility Customer Services.
His focus and passion are Digital Services, which includes the Railigent Application Suite for rail systems. The Railigent Application Suite helps to improve the maintenance and operation process and increases the availability of rail assets.

Christian Paulsen

Product and Solution Security Officer, Siemens Mobility 

Christian drives protecting Siemens Mobility portfolio elements against cyber threats. With more than 20 years of experience in rail and utility business, he understands the needs of transport customers managing cybersecurity risks along the complete lifecycle of their assets. His background in telecommunication, SCADA and security systems as well as process and project management helped him defining the governance and guidance standards applicable throughout Siemens Mobility. Christian is Chair of the Cybersecurity group of the European Rail Industry and active with the European Rail ISAC.

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