eHighway - hosted webinar

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Overhead contact line trucks are being trialed on two sections of the German Autobahn. This solution has been investigated extensively, regarding technical questions, feasibility and benefits of a large-scale implementation.

This webinar allows experts to give 10 min speeches summarizing their work and findings, followed by a moderated Q&A discussion on the implications to achieve sustainable long-haul road transport. 


There will also be plenty of time for your questions.


The webinar took place on May 20th, 2020 from 2:30pm to 4pm and a recording of it can be watched by signing up below.


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The agenda includes contributions from the following experts:


  • Part 1 (10 min): Perspectives for electric road traffic – chances and challenges - by Prof. Stephan, Technical University Dresden  

  • Part 2 (10 min): Costs of the energy supply infrastructure for trucks with alternative driving system from a user and macroeconomic perspective in Germany - by Florian Hacker, Oeko Institut 

  • Part 3 (10 min): Validators, Demonstrators, Facilitators – The Roles of eHighway Field Tests on the Way to Large-scale Implementation - by Danny Wauri, Technical University Darmstadt 

  • Part 4 (10 min): Modelling optimizing rollout scenarios for ERS - by Julius Joehrens, IFEU


  • Part 5 (10 min): Electrified motorways for Europe - by Guido Kirmaier & Augustin Bareau, ENGIE Solutions

These presentations will be followed by a moderated discussion.

Moderator: Alan McKinnon, Kuehne Logistics University, Germany


Organizer of the Session:

Patrik Akerman, Siemens Mobility GmbH 

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Target Group:

Transport policy makers, road authorities, truck operators, truck manufacturers, grid operators, road or energy research institutes, industry associations and everyone who is interested in the eHighway technology or sustainable road freight.