The Future of Railway System Design and Operation

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Driving the next level of connected infrastructure with the Sidytrac family!

What are your future operational scenarios - and can you confirm if your power supply infrastructure is able to support the demand? Are you sure your tram operation does not lead to magnetic interference with the surroundings? Wouldn't it be great to know your system health status and the forecast impact of a switching operation? Imagine you as a traction power network operator who can look into the future. Sidytrac live's system health forecast helps you to check the performance of your network in real time.
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What to expect

This webinar allows experts and associates to give short speeches summarizing their work and findings, followed by a moderated panel discussion where you can raise your questions. 

Our agenda:

  • System Engineering
    Overview of the field of activity and panel discussion with internal and external experts.
  • Sidytrac Designer
    Brief demonstration of system design and use cases with Sidytrac Designer.
  • Sidytrac Live
    Demonstration of the prediction of system status based on current operating conditions.
  • Energy Efficient Operation
    Insights from the collaboration with Siemens Mobility Rail Infrastructure Mass Transit 
  • Q&A Panel

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