Webinar 27th Jan:  100% cybersecurity

Managing IT / OT convergence to enable Industrial IoT
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27th January, 1:00 - 1:45 pm, CET

Managing IT / OT convergence to enable Industrial IoT

79% of executives worldwide ranked cyberattacks and threats as one of their company's top risk management priorities for 2020. Increasing digitalization is making IT / OT convergence a decisive factor for success, no matter what industrial sector you are in - be it transportation, manufacturing, energy or healthcare. Equally, the importance of cybersecurity is rising. In this webinar, we will talk about how to keep your intelligent infrastructure secure, while leveraging the full potential of digitalization. 100% cybersecurity - is it possible?
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What to expect

  • What are the challenges of cybersecurity ?
  • Data diodes and firewalls: How to compare ?
  • Technical and business challenges in the industry and energy sector
  • Use cases: Siemens CoreShield DCU in operation

The session wraps up with time for questions and an outlook on the evolution of our DCU.

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