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Our Approach

Making innovation happen

Innovations don't just happen. They require an inspiring environment, the right resources, and active innovation management.

Rail transport is at the heart of seamless, sustainable, future-proof, and economically successful mobility solutions. According to current estimates, almost 70% of the world's population will live in urban centers by 2050. This development will increase the need for advanced mobility solutions within cities, between metropolitan regions, and in the surrounding areas. Experts predict that passenger traffic will triple from 44 trillion to 122 trillion passenger kilometers in the next 30 years. Freight traffic will also continue to increase significantly.

At Siemens Mobility we are ready for these challenges. We are moving from an industrial company toward a tech company, and we differentiate ourselves from the competition through digitalization. We make attractive solutions possible - better than anyone else. We foster a spirit of innovation and create space for research, experimentation, and reflection throughout the company. 


Relying on the framework of Siemens’ core technologies, we are developing product innovations and new technologies. In addition, we drive product development forward in a comprehensive innovation ecosystem with numerous customers, research projects, and startups, in this way pioneering mobility with innovative approaches that are moving beyond today's understanding of travel, transport, and passenger experience.

Through innovation we drive sustainable value creation for our customers and society. Our technologies transform the future of mobility.
Devina Pasta, Head of Strategy, Digitalization, Technology & Innovation, Siemens Mobility

That’s how we’re paving the way for trendsetting mobility concepts and technologies that ensure the seamless, sustainable, safe, reliable transportation of people and goods for years to come – and maximum benefits for all stakeholders.

Innovation in figures

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Worldwide staff in R&D, engineering, and software engineering

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Collaborations with about 100 universities

Siemens Mobility is considered one of the most innovative German companies and a driver of development in its market segment*. These figures provide impressive proof.                                                           *Source:

Discover our core technologies

Our goal is to be a leader in key technology and innovation areas that are critical to the long-term success of both our company and our customers. Learn more about these core technologies here.
Innovation partnerships

Our ecosystems for innovation

A lively exchange among experts from the fields of research, product development, and application is the best engine for innovation. That's why we cooperate with numerous customers, startups, universities, industry partners, and technology experts.


StationX helps to foster partnerships between our business units and startups to create business impact for both sides. Our program provides startups with the gateway into Siemens Mobility and the transportation industry.

University relations

Siemens works with universities and research institutes worldwide on innovation projects and also cooperates with 25 leading universities in the framework of a strategic university partner program.

Platform: Siemens Innovation Ecosystem

Flexibility and adaptability are what counts most in a rapidly changing world. It is more important than ever to exchange knowledge and share experiences. 


The Siemens Collaboration Platform makes exactly this possible. It is a global platform that connects creative minds in a digital place to foster worldwide collaboration and accelerate innovation.

Pre-competitive exchange for long-term mobility goals

Together with customers, partners from the world of science, and competitors, we’re discussing future mobility scenarios in bodies such as Shift2Rail, ERRAC, or UNIFE. The aim is to use rail as the backbone for multimodal passenger and freight transportation.

A concept of future multimodal mobility

What if people didn't have to change means of transport on their journey but could get from the doorstep to their destination faster and in a seamless manner using only one means of transport that reverts to the existing infrastructure?


Supported by RWTH university in Aachen, Germany, and Siemens Mobility, Moodley Industrial Design has already developed a concept of what the mobility of the future could look like. This is part of ERRACS’s concepts for sustainable transport solutions with rail as the central focus. Learn more about it in our fascinating video!


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