Alternative Drives for Rail and Road

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Innovative solutions for rail

The use of electricity, ideally generated from renewable sources, is a key lever for more sustainable transportation. But many railway networks around the world aren’t electrified, which makes it difficult to replace diesel multiple units or diesel locomotives.

Traction batteries for electrical storage, which provide the electricity required to bridge the catenary-free sections, are an obvious and efficient solution to make the operation of partially electrified line sections more sustainable. For longer operating ranges, fuel cells are an ideal alternative. Hydrogen, an easily transportable energy storage with high energy density, can be produced from electricity generated by photovoltaic and wind power plants, for instance. Carried in tanks on the train and converted back into electricity in a hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen reduces the ecological footprint of longer non-electrified sections considerably.

Innovative solutions for trucks on streets

And what about road traffic? Is there any such thing as a truck without a diesel engine?

eHighways combine the efficiency of electrified railroads with the flexibility of trucks, in this way providing a backbone solution for energy-efficient, low-cost, zero-emissions trucking, especially on heavily used truck routes.