Building bridges to create business impact

Creating impact together

Stronger together.

Both startups and Siemens Mobility have unique features that can help each other grow. Incorporating startup technologies into Siemens Mobility projects paves the way for innovative solutions with real impact and helps startups scale their business.

Corporations and startups do not always think alike, and they often work at different paces. Still, there are countless situations where corporations and startups can help each other to create something big and, in this way, benefit from each other. 


At StationX we know both worlds quite well. Our aim is to bring them together seamlessly to propel innovation and foster smooth collaboration between technology experts at Siemens Mobility and startups. Employing a clear methodology, we closely monitor new technologies, startups, and our engineers' requirements, in this way making sure to connect the right people at the right time. We evaluate every startup and new technology thoroughly and initiate proof-of-concept projects in collaboration with our technical experts. This ensures fast-paced onboarding as a Siemens Mobility supplier and successful long-term cooperation.

We want our partnerships to be fruitful and on best terms for a long time. Growing together is our ultimate goal
Sebastian Greiss, Head of Startup Partnering, Siemens Mobility GmbH  
Our mission

Why should you work with us?

Our aim at StationX is to support startups by connecting them to the right business units within Siemens Mobility. We offer startups to foster a unique partnership enabling them to integrate, validate, and ideally afterwards scale their products, services, or technologies with Siemens Mobility. And there’s a lot we have to offer.

Mutually beneficial partnerships

Our focus is on long-term partnerships that help both sides grow, scale together, and create positive business impact for both sides. That’s why we’re looking for partners who are a strategic fit for Siemens Mobility today as well as in the future.

A vast internal network

Our extensive network covers all internal business units. That’s why we can connect innovative startups with the right technology experts and decision makers within Siemens Mobility. 

Pragmatism and real-world impact

The incorporation of new technologies and services into our projects helps both sides build innovative solutions with real impact. That’s why we quickly get to the essentials and don’t dwell on lengthy preliminaries.

Our approach

The roadmap toward a successful partnership

At StationX we focus on real world solutions that have the potential to improve vehicles, processes, and passenger experience rather than on shiny presentations. Here’s our clear roadmap that helps us get to the point quickly and right from the start.

Ready to start your journey with us?

You’re a startup interested in collaborating with us to define and create the future of mobility? Then we’ll be glad to hear from you! Simply use the following form to make us aware of you and establish direct contact.