Train and Infrastructure Operations

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Innovative planning, operation, and maintenance

The digital transformation has long reached train and rail infrastructure operations. The combination of smart rail infrastructure, smart trains, smart stations, and smart services enables faster and better reactions to disruptions as well as predictive maintenance, optimized asset management, and more efficient and sustainable operation.

Digitally enabled automation and digital networking take railway system operations to the next level. Digital interlockings, for instance, make the need for individual connections to individual interlocking elements via kilometer-long cable bundles a thing of the past, and the control of signals and points can be performed at much greater distances. Even depots and depot operations can be totally automated nowadays. On the trains, automatic train control helps to further improve capacity, punctuality, safety, and reliability, while, at the same time, energy efficiency and sustainability are greatly improved.


And Siemens’ open Railigent platform enables the collection of data from, and the smart monitoring of, both infrastructure and vehicle systems. In this way, operators gain an overview of all events in the fleets and routes, and can rely on smart data analysis to generate precise conclusions and recommendations for action.

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