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Every day we create solutions for sustainable and seamless public transport. This is only possible with an open working environment. Discover what it is like to be a part of our team.
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What makes us tick

Our passion for mobility

We live mobility. Our aim is to set the highest standards of customer satisfaction in our industry. We believe that this is only possible with motivated employees who enjoy creating value that really matters – each and every day. We also stand for a global, responsible working environment.
Openness, respect and tolerance

We welcome everyone – and support each of them individually

We are not only working to shape connected mobility, we are also shaping the workplace of tomorrow – today.

We care about the personal development of our employees

We support all employees and managers individually - and pass on the knowledge and experience acquired by our company over the years. We advise employees and executives, develop concepts, and organize further training measures. Our learning concept is constantly being revised and enhanced to ensure that it covers the latest developments. The partner at your side: our global Learning & Education Team.


  • We help our talents develop their personal skills
  • We support our managers as they work to develop their teams
  • We assist those who are responsible for entire organizational areas to implement strategic steps and change processes
  • We offer state-of-the-art learning methods paired with experienced educational experts ensure that Siemens-specific expertise is available at short notice

Living and breathing diversity

Different ways of thinking, backgrounds, experiences, expertise, and individual qualities – we value these for cooperation across all organizational levels. In all our activities, actions and programs, we want to make the most of the diversity of our employees.


To this end, we strive to establish an open working environment for all our employees – regardless of disabilities, cultural background, ethnicity, origin, sexual orientation or gender identity, expression or characteristics.


We create possibilities for diverse experiences and interactions with the overriding goal of achieving a diversity of mindsets throughout the company.

We expose hidden thought patterns

Unconscious biases can impact the decisions we make without us being aware of them. All human beings have these unconscious thought patterns in the form of expectations and preferences – for example, with regards to gender. 


However, these are often based on unfounded assumptions or stereotypes and can hinder us from making objective decisions. 


The Implicit Association Test, created by Harvard University shows that more than 70% of people associate men with careers and women with families. At Siemens Mobility, we want to sensitize our employees to these patterns so that they can recognize them and, with targeted training, learn to overcome them.

What we can offer you

Responsible working environment

We live by the values of our corporate culture and thus benefit from a fair, collaborative and authentic working environment. Mutual respect, appreciation, open communication, and the integration of all employees – these make our global team special.